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There are many challenges that face female business owners, and today the two Goodmans sit down to talk about a very specific one that pertains to Lindsey right now. The decision to have a baby may seem like something that would detract from a business, but Lindsey was adamant that she could grow a human while growing her business! At about 4 or 5 weeks away from the due date, we thought it would be a great time to sit down and discuss the steps she took to continue scaling things while going through such a big life event. We get into some thoughts on the challenges and vulnerabilities that this period has evoked, as well as how this topic exemplifies our attitude towards business and freedom. Both of us believe that no matter the particular circumstances, this is such a relatable subject for any business owner looking to stay healthy and flourish while also succeeding in their work. To hear Lindsey and Chris pull back the curtain on this amazing story, and how you can learn from it too, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– An introduction to Lindsey, her coaching work, and her current business setup. 

– Some of the key numbers from Lindsey’s business, including goals for this year. 

– The decisions that Lindsey made around maternity leave, and her main considerations and concerns. 

– Goals that Lindsey is setting at the moment and why she is detaching from their outcomes. 

– Fears about losing clients and surprising reasons why time-away can be valuable. 

– The important questions that Lindsey asked herself and the care she took answering them. 

– Aversion to ownership, how to combat this issue, and lessons in staying proactive.

– How Lindsey prepared for her time off and the period of slow and steady work leading up to her due date. 

– Process versus results and the challenge of slowing down that Lindsey faced in setting up her process.  

– Advice from Lindsey for women who want to take time off; recognizing limitless potential and getting curious. 

– The things that Lindsey wants Eva to know about this period of her life and the importance of trust. 

– Chris’ reflections on Lindsey’s growth, and his business attitude during her pregnancy.  

– Why it is important to also calm down for certain stages of growth. 

– Final words of reflection from Lindsey on exemplifying possibilities for other business owners!



“You can take any passion and turn it into a coaching business.” — Lindsey Goodman [0:05:22]

“I don’t feel like the goal will make or break my company. I know my company will only continue to grow no matter what.” — Lindsey Goodman [0:08:20]

“How creative can I get to make sure that I get everything that I want, and I continue to serve and add value, grow my business, and support my clients at the same time?” — Lindsey Goodman [0:18:00]

“It wasn’t exhausting because I was committed to the process. I was committed to doing a little bit at a time.” — Lindsey Goodman [0:22:09]


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