You crave freedom.
Learn how to get it…


You crave freedom.
Learn how to get it…

Coaching for entrepreneurs & CEOs who want to upgrade their freedom, fulfillment, and impact…

Results you can trust:

“Chris’s style of coaching is unlike any other than I have ever experienced. There is something about the cadence in his voice when he asks questions, the wording in the questions that he asks, the way he guides you to find the solution within… most coaches think it’s their job to tell you what to do. Chris believes we have the answer within us, if we can only get out of our own way.

I know it couldn’t have been easy to work with a stubborn Sicilian gal from New Jersey, yet he always had patience with me and wanted to see my highest, best outcome as much as I did. I will always be grateful for every moment of our coaching. I understand how very valuable it was! It completely transformed my life. Not just in work, but in every area! I am forever grateful to Chris!”

~ Nina Gervase ~

“Over the years, I have discovered that coaching is not an investment, but an essential practice that drives effectiveness. Working with Chris has opened my eyes to the value of perspective and appropriate thinking. In my experience, Chris has been the facilitator of “getting it right”. His greatest strength is his ability to filter through all my thoughts, insights, and opinions and ask me the right questions to get me to what matters most. Chris has made coaching a life changing experience for me. And for that… I am sincerely grateful.”

~ David Roux, President, Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy ~

“Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy is finishing up our 10 week training with Chris Goodman at Goodman Coaching. Our company now has a clear mindset of where we are and where we want to go! Chris has helped us simplify lead generation and conversions. He has helped us see through the clutter and made us realize the ONE thing that is going to take our company to the next level. We highly recommend his coaching to any company that is looking to take their business to the next level, gain traction or grow! We cannot thank Chris enough!”

~ Whitney Davis, Manager of Marketing ~

“Chris is a master at asking powerful questions! The questions lead to the transformation needed to break through your blocks, create an even bigger vision for your life, and design a strategy to get you there!!  He’s patient, knowledgeable, full of ideas, and pushes you when you need to be pushed… He was exactly what I needed to leave my comfortable positions and pursue my dream life. I am forever grateful for him.”

~ Misty Stanley CEO, Coach & Entrepreneur ~

“I spent a year with Chris, it was by far the most transitional year of my life thus far. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the guidance and advice I received. My business is growing exponentially, my attitude is better than ever, and I’m in an amazing relationship with an even more amazing woman. All in a just 1 calendar year!”

~ Brad Sea, Founder & CEO Kentuckiana Mortgage Group Inc. ~

“Working with Chris has accelerated my personal and professional growth. He has brought clarity to the path I needed to accomplish my goals and pushed me to go forth and conquer. I have recommended Chris to several of my friends and continue to receive compliments for the recommendation. I highly recommend Chris Goodman.”

~ Wyatt Graves, Owner of Kaizen Home Sales & Services ~

“Chris has been able to help me achieve something that I have struggled with for years and that is to be more productive in less time. There is nothing like getting results AND having more freedom. Chris cares about you and your success. He is genuine and passionate. His niche is his ability to stretch your way of thinking which drives you to growth. I had a great experience and made a great friend.”

~ David Roux, President & CEO Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy ~

“Chris transforms lives. If you are looking for someone to help drive you to achieve your peak performance in business and in life, Chris is your guy.”

~ Mike Schoonover,  Realtor & Entrepreneur ~

“Although hesitant at first (a strong-willed and confident individual, why would someone like me need coaching?), I was unsatisfied with my current situation and decided to take the leap. After one phone call with Chris, I knew I had made the right decision. Chris’s creative blend of coaching technique and accountability, along with outstanding character, has already created a marked difference for me in only a few short weeks. I genuinely look forward to our coaching sessions and am beyond excited to what possibilities await! If you’re stuck, unsatisfied, or even just curious, I implore you to reach out and see what Goodman Coaching can do for you!”

~ Casey Ervin, Cardiovascular Perfusionist & Coach ~

“Working with Chris has changed my life more than I ever thought was possible. I generated significant revenue for my brand new business within 2 weeks of working with Chris. My everyday life is completely (I mean COMPLETELY) different because I know each week I’ll get to progress towards my goals and get feedback. There’s no other way to achieve your potential except to hire a great coach – and Chris is great. I’m so glad I made this investment in my own coaching and I haven’t regretted it for a second.”

~ Woody Rini; Entrepreneur, Coach & Software Engineer ~

“Chris’ knowledge and skill set came to me at a perfect time in my life. Feeling turmoil within myself and not knowing why or where these feelings were coming from was difficult. With Chris and his in depth conversations I was able to become aware of the underlying issue and take action to change the experiences in my life. If you want the secret to true happiness in life this guy can help you reveal that within yourself!”

~ Alexis Richards, CRNA ~

“It helped me zero in on my triggers, what in my life is worth my energy, and what is not. It has been an eye opener and has taken so much stress that I carry on a daily basis away!”

~ Amanda Hobbs-Eversole, Marketing Director ~

“Chris doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He has a coach himself. He knows what it takes. He’s all in and he’ll be there for those he coaches. He knows what is required and he will help you find the clarity to know that for yourself. Your successes will be his joy. ”

~ Laura Barkhauer, Realtor(R) 

“My experience with coaching from Chris was the most empowering & challenging time. Talk about getting real: he was amazing at getting to the very heart of my struggles & helping me see things about myself I was too afraid to change, not only in real estate but personally as well. Accountability, challenging, pushes you past your fears…Chris knows his stuff and will help you reach your goals. I would recommend anyone even thinking about coaching, call Chris!”

~ Amanda Hobbs-Eversole, Marketing Director ~

“Chris is the man! He offers great insight and helps get you motivated to take on the world! His production in real estate speaks to his know how and work ethic! If you want your life changed, Chris Goodman is the way to go!”

~ Rob Bergeron, Realtor/Investor ~

“Coaching sessions with Chris Goodman was just what I needed. In starting my new business, Chris held me accountable to goals and helped me see issues (and solutions!) before I knew they were there. I know that I would not have been able to grow my business as quickly or efficiently without this coaching.”

~ Justin Hickman, Founder/CEO of Slice Media ~

“Chris has been there and done that and has the experience to help lead you in the direction you need to go! If one conversation can change your life I would rather have it with someone who shows up each and every conversation the way Chris does with his knowledge and experience backing him up and leading the way!”

~ Casey McCoy, Entrepreneur & Investor ~

“When people in your own circle are proud of your new Mindset in situations you know #GoodmanIsWorking !”

~ Jamie Nicole, Marketing Director Kaizen Home Sales ~

“Chris Goodman is an amazing coach. He keeps me on track with my goals and my ultimate vision. He understands what it takes to be a successful person in today’s business world. He is great at helping me maintain the right mindset. He is well read and up-to-date in not only the languages of business, he also takes the time to make sure your life is properly counterbalanced!”

~ Rob Gaines, Realtor and Team Leader ~

“Honestly I never thought about the money after I started. When you get results and make life changes that produce you more money and freedom, the investment is worth it.”

~ David Roux, President & CEO ~

“My coaching is completely tailored to my schedule and goals. I am directly benefiting from my coach’s positive infectious energy! He is helping me to change my thoughts and language to produce a better state of being… he allows me to find the answers and do the work and guides me to better understand myself and my goals. ”

~ Natasha H., CPA ~

“I am so pleased with my experience with Chris. I started coaching burned out, stressed and overwhelmed with guilt about not reaching my goals. Chris not only helped me identify the source of my feelings, but gave me the tools so I can have an INSTANT mindset change and tackle my goals. I’m so excited to make this my best year yet with the arsenal Chris prepared me with. He was quick to dig out my main issues in every call, and help me discover the solution, so I left every call feeling accomplished. Thank you Chris!”

~ Sara Nicholson, Realtor ~

Coaching is the best thing to happen to me. That is all. I hope y’all consider getting a coach someday! LIFE. CHANGING.”

~ Nina Gervase, Realtor ~

Transformational support & accountability.

Custom Coaching:

We get specific about what you really want, and how to get it.  My process helps you discover your motivation and create a plan for your most important goals. This is designed to get you into inspired action so you can see results immediately.

For Unique Clients

My clients want to be their BEST.  They’re high performers with a track record of success. They have a burning desire to grow personally and professionally.  They’re business owners, CEOs, executives, top salespeople, coaches, and misfit entrepreneurs who love personal growth. They’re above-average folks hellbent on making a real difference in the world. Sound like you?

What if life & business were simple, fun, and easy?

What if  your life was simple, fun, and easy?

Three common reasons people hire us:


Bradley built a wildly successful new business from scratch, hired a team of rockstars, recovered from a divorce, found his dream woman (they just got married!), overhauled his health, AND created more free time than ever… in just 24 hours of coaching!


Wyatt built a record-breaking sales team and community movement to help people through real estate. They shattered records by selling 302 homes in their first year and quickly became the best in their market… in just 48 hours of coaching.


Megan created $84 MILLION in public funds for her passion project (helping children) in her home state with less than a year of coaching.

David nearly doubled his 7-figure business, hired four new people with the profits, and reclaimed 20 hours of personal time EVERY week for himself and his family… all in just 48 hours of coaching.

What’s really holding you back from your results?  

You want more time, more money, less stress, and more freedom… I understand because we partner with business owners just like you every day.  So what’s keeping you stuck? I’ll show you how it’s 80% your mindset, 20% strategy, and teach you how to fix it.

“What should I expect?”

Powerful Coaching Sessions

We don’t waste our time together. Each session starts with celebrations, clarity, and the precise coaching you need to achieve your most important goals.

Real Value

How will you know if you’re getting your coaching investment?  I’ll ask you consistently to make sure you’re happy AND getting the coaching results you want. We often start calls with “What would make this call a 10 out of 10 for YOU today?” then we get to work…

Custom Coaching

Your coaching is specifically designed for your needs. Now that doesn’t mean we’ll make you comfortable, because that’s not where your real growth happens…

Simple is Better.

We work hard to keep this simple. You need a conversation with a coach who understands you, your goals, and your behavior –  all in the snap of your fingers.  Luckily, that’s how we work with you.

Step 1:  Request a free 45-min. consult with the “Work with Me” buttons on this page.
Step 2:  We’ll talk and decide if we’re a great fit.
Step 3:  Customize a coaching package specific to your goals.
Step 4:  Begin your coaching calls and start improving your life & business!

Life is too short to waste your potential.
Request a consult today and let’s get started.

About Chris

I went from law student, to successful real estate agent ($20+ million in volume and 115 homes in my first few years), to Director of Sales on a million-dollar real estate team, to Executive Coach with 15,000 hours of experience…


I hired GREAT coaches.

Having a coach was the one thing that broke open the doors everything. I learned how to manage my mind, to ask great questions, how to get results for people quickly…

And the more I mastered those skills, more doors opened to success and happiness. Since I began my coaching journey I’ve overcome a bitter divorce, found and fell in love with my wife, helped build businesses, and worked with some of the most successful business owners in the country. Ultimately I discovered my passion:

Being the life-changing coach for entrepreneurs and driven people who want to make a difference in the world. Since 2017 coaching has been my sole focus…

Passionate coaching, great questions, a proven process, and countless hours of my own coaching & training help you make progress quickly.

And (because I get this question often) yes I practice what I preach: I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my own coaching, and work weekly with a world-class coach trained by Tony Robbins…

We believe in building a successful company doing what you truly love, helping people, and experiencing the world with more passion, freedom, and a sense of deep fulfillment… That would NEVER have been possible without my first coach.

Now it’s our mission to help people like you experience life & business at YOUR greatest level too.

Don’t waste your potential for another moment. Schedule a session to see how we can help you improve your life or business today.

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