About Chris

Simply put, Chris is the executive coach for business owners who want to change their lives, their businesses, and become their BEST.

Hiring a life or business coach can be a deeply personal endeavor. After all, you’ll share vulnerable moments with this person, and they will be there for some of your most exciting wins, hardest losses, and (if we do it right!) the most thrilling moments of your life and business!

So it’s natural that you would be curious about that coach’s background, experience, and their clients. 

So let me share this with you:

My first experience with coaching was on a retreat where for 4 days, I dug deep into what I wanted out of my life, why that was important, and who I wanted to become in the process…


There was the Chris before that retreat, and the Chris I became ON that retreat. Those coaches and leaders helped unlock the “new” me, and it shifted the way I saw the world…

As I grew from that experience 20 years ago, I encountered my own troubles in life & business. 

I had my heart broken, started and quit law school (still don’t regret that decision!), started a career in real estate, hit quick success, and even helped build a million dollar business in just a few years.

Then my worst fear came true (my ex-wife had an affair), I went through a brutal divorce, lived in a basement for a while, got it together, and sought out the best coaches and mentors I could find because I vowed to never go back… 

And they did what all great coaches do: 

They empowered me.

They expected the best from me, asked tough questions, and held me to higher standards than anyone else I had ever been around.

As I got into action, they gave me the tools, knowledge, and methods for dealing with anything life or business could throw at me, which helped me become the man,husband, father (and executive coach) I am today.

Without their help, I would’ve suffered for years unnecessarily, simply because I didn’t know what I didn’t know… I wouldn’t have my beautiful wife or my wonderful daughter. I wouldn’t have helped countless people around the world in coaching or sold over 21 million dollars in real estate and a million in coaching, or shared what I’ve learned with CEOs and business owners of all types to help them grow and overcome their obstacles too.

There’s no doubt:  Without coaching, I wouldn’t have become the Chris Goodman you see on these pages.

Below, you’ll see the standard bio/about me that we use when I’m on a podcast or speaking somewhere, but what I REALLY want you to see is this:

Goodman Coaching is different because we reach the deepest, most meaningful parts of what makes you, well, YOU.  We treat our coaching as sacred, and believe your results are proof that every human is capable of profound greatness. 

Lastly, as a coach I believe our best answers are found inside of ourselves. I believe only YOU hold the key to the life and business that will be uniquely yours.

If you’ve read this far, I’d be honored to have a coaching consultation with you to see how I (or my team) can help you become your best.

Cheers to your growth,


Chris Goodman is a leading life and business coach for high-performers. His clients include founders, executives, CEOs, leaders in real estate, influencers, coaches, and small business owners across dozens of industries. 

Simply put, Chris is the executive coach for business owners who want to change their lives, their businesses, and become their BEST. 

His mission is to teach others how to create their own personal version of freedom, fulfillment, and impact on a global scale. Through one-on-one and group coaching, live training, consulting, and the Relentless Growth Podcast, Chris teaches clients how to unleash their mind, their potential, and achieve the results they crave.

He brings 15,000 hours of coaching and training, 5 years of corporate litigation experience, plus a sales record of $21,000,000+ to every conversation.

Over the years, Chris has developed a reputation for asking powerful, transformative questions in an approachable way. Or as one client put it, “[Chris] pushes me harder than anyone ever has with a smile, a nudge, and a question that always blows my mind.”

Today he specializes in coaching men & women in their mindset and skillset on topics like leadership, personal development, team building, improving relationships, understanding (and predicting) human behavior, and building a lifestyle of freedom.

When they’re not coaching, Chris and his beautiful wife Lindsey (also a successful coach) travel, enjoy being “foodies” and bourbon enthusiasts. Chris and Lindsey recently had their first child, Eva.  They love helping people through coaching, so if you have questions just send them a message on social media!


Do you only coach men?

No. I coach both men and women, and so do our Breakthrough Coaches. Communication styles or individual energies are often different between men & women, however we’ve found that our brains are mostly hardwired the same way. We coach the person (what you’re thinking or feeling in any given moment) not just the topic at hand, and therefore we believe we can help most people we encounter.

Do you only coach real estate agents?

No. I spent a LOT of time coaching agents, and I even trained 3 Rookies of the Year.  However now our team coaches business owners across the spectrum of industries, ages, and locations around the world. The variety of client experiences and challenges makes us more versatile as coaches for our clients.

Do you have your own coach?

Yes. Right now I work with someone weekly who personally trains with Tony Robbins, Navy SEALs, and world champion athletes. I also have another coach who is leading the industry in terms of scaling a coaching business quickly, incorporating a wide variety of modalities (including somatic healing), and holds me accountable to the largest goals I’ve ever set for myself and my business. With their help, we more than doubled our business in 2021 and are on track to do that again in 2022.

I’ve only gone a few months out of the last 10 years without a coach or mentor, and my productivity and mindset were immediately affected. I always have at least one coach personally, several mentors in business, and of course I married one of the world’s most brilliant coaches…

Our Breakthrough Coaches always have at least one personal coach for themselves, coach with me personally, and invest time learning/growing personally or professionally every single day. Coaching is our passion. It’s what we live & breathe!

What is your favorite thing about coaching business owners or CEOs?

Men and women who own a business are in a unique position to create a MASSIVE impact on the world.  Their service, product, culture, and even payroll has the opportunity to change family trees, improve the planet, and make a difference on a global scale.  That’s exciting to me and our team. I’ve coached business owners with annual revenues <$50k and up to $20M… regardless of their business, there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone see their potential, do the work to bring it to life, and immediately see the impact that creates around them.

It’s something special and hard to describe, and a major reason I love coaching so much.

What’s something you want people to know before they apply to work with you or your team?

I often tease that I don’t work with ‘bubblegummers.’  My coaching style doesn’t work with people who have “one foot in and one foot out.”  Our clients are ALL IN kind of people, who are serious about maximizing their life, their impact, their results, and their contribution.