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There are many services and angles that coaches can provide to their clients, but our guest today, Renee Weaver, believes that the most important of these are predicated on a deep commitment to transformation. Renee is part of our Breakthrough coaching team and she really exemplifies what we stand for at Goodman Coaching! In our illuminating chat with Renee today, we learn about her background, how she ended up in her role as a life coach, and why she believes this is the best fit for her specific skill set and passion. This is such an important conversation from all perspectives, and whether you are thinking about engaging with a new coach, or are wanting to upgrade your coaching practice yourself, you are not going to want to miss this amazing discussion. We talk about who Renee wants to help and her reasons for this, what it really means to be a life coach, and how to use your dreams and personal goals as a continual anchor in your journey. So to hear it all and share in this fountain of wisdom and passion, join us today on Relentless Growth!


Key Points From This Episode:

– A little of Renee’s early years, her hometown, and how she met Chris in first grade!

– Two book recommendations from Renee and some of their most powerful ideas.

– Why Renee would love to sit down and chat with Joni Mitchell.

– The winding road that Renee took to become a coach.

– How coaching can take us out of our stagnation and into forward motion.

– The perspective that pandemic provided; how Renee chose to double down on her desire to live life to the fullest.

– The roots of Renee’s passion and drive: awe for the miracle of existence!

– Listening to our inner voice and accepting the deep self-knowledge we all have.

– Differentiating between coaching, therapy, teaching, and other similar fields.

– Renee’s special connection to life coaching and why she chose to pursue this avenue.

– Examining Renee’s coaching style and why being free of an agenda is so important to her.

– Mental health as the foundation for all the different aspects of our lives.

– Getting to the root of a problem and why outside perspectives can aid this quest.

– Imagining a better world where more people and business owners have access to coaching!

– What makes an excellent coach, according to Renee: a deep commitment to growth and transformation.

– How to find and connect with Renee today!

– Renee talks about the amazing quote from Brené Brown that keeps her grounded in her work.


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