How it Works

You’re successful, and it looks like things are going great…

but you know your results are not at their peak and neither are you.

Maybe you’re frustrated with your progress, knowing there is so much more you can offer and so much more you can accomplish.

You want to impact more people, create more opportunity, help your community, become a better leader, and simply BE YOUR BEST.

Maybe you feel stuck, but you don’t know how to fix it.

And you know deep down you know something, or someone, is missing from your life or business.

You know it’s your time to grow.  But how??

This is exactly what I do for business owners like you. I show you how to compress the time, the effort, and the stress required to get what you really want through coaching.

Once we identify your most important gaps in your life & business, we implement proven coaching techniques to take you from where you are now to where you really want to go, one coaching conversation at a time.

Yes, it really is that simple.

You’ve got enough complication. My job is to reduce everything to simplicity, and help you become the type of person who gets exactly what you want.

Currently you can choose from 3 ways to work with Goodman Coaching.  Sessions are tailored to your specific needs with:


One-on-One Coaching

This is the fastest way to achieve your desired outcomes. We dive deeper into your specific situation, identify obstacles, develop your plan of action, and implement as much (or as little) accountability as you choose.

Together, we address common problems for high-impact business owners like:

Focus.  “I feel scattered, and so are my results.”

Clarity. “I’m stuck. I have these huge dreams but don’t know how to achieve them.”

Purpose & Mission. “I want to help more people, create something useful in the world, but I don’t know where to start.”

Personal goal setting & accountability. “I need help. I’m not hitting the target and it’s really frustrating.”

Casting a meaningful vision for your business. “I know this company can be great, but I don’t know how to excite my team about it.”

Learning how to create time freedom in your calendar. “I just need 7 clones, an extra weekday, more wine and it will all be fine.”

Using behavioral psychology to influence people and sell more. “I want to know exactly what makes people tick so I can help them better.”

Improving leadership.  As John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” If you’re not the leader in your business, who is?


Each session will help you move closer to your ultimate goals, whatever they may be, so you can have the freedom, fulfillment, and impact you really want. We customize these sessions based on your needs, and coach together for 6 or 12 months weekly.


How can coaching help you?

Relentless Growth Mastermind

What if a powerful conversation with decision makers is the best way resolve problems in any business?

Chris has 15,000 hours of coaching and training expertise in business leadership and communication.  And to date, almost every “problem” he encounters in any industry can be distilled down to three essential elements:

People, Leadership, and Growth.

The first is the most important. Without the right people, the right mindset, tools to growt that mindset, and the right strategy it will be difficult to get to where you really want to go.

This mastermind, runs for 90 days each round. Members get weekly small group coaching AND one-on-one coaching 3x/month with a Breakthrough Coach!

The first third of the program is devoted to understanding yourself as the only person responsible for the success of your life & business, your own mindset (including its limitations), and your vision.

In the second third of the program, you’ll work with Chris, our coaches, and the rest of the group to grow your business leadership. This is not where we hand you PDFs of SWOT analyses or flow charts; this is where you dig into who you must become as a leader. Then we help you make decisions about your life, your team, and your business from there.

The last third of the Relentless Growth Mastermind is designed to implement what you’ve learned into growing your business faster than ever. You determine the level of confidence and action you bring to your business results, and we support you the entire way with accountability, group/1:1 coaching, and a community of like-minded members who want you to show up with a full heart every day!

To be clear, our group coaching focuses on you first, then your strategy. Consider it 80% psychology and 20% strategic/tactical action.

And it works.

Click the link below to join the program now (if enrollment is open) or get onto the waitlist for the next round. Seats are limited to 10 or less to keep the group coaching aspect effective:


1:1 Breakthrough Coaching

If you’re a business owner or executive who knows you want to work one-on-one with a coach, and don’t think you’re ready to commit at our highest level (working with Chris directly one-on-one), we built another option. Our one-on-one Breakthrough Coaches will partner with you for 6 months, working together three times each month for individual sessions to coach you on your life & business. 

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching allows clients to learn quickly in a dynamic container with our highly-trained coaches. The ability to receive great coaching on your specific strengths, weaknesses, ongoing patterns, limiting beliefs, and everything in between, creates an excellent format to facilitate rapid growth and impressive results.

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