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Thanks for visiting my articles and learning about what I’m up to in the coaching world.  I trust some of my experiences will help on your own path, inspire you in some way, or connect with you on a meaningful level.  Let’s get started!

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The New Podcast 450+ Business Owners Want You to Hear 

Hey overachiever, I get it.

You want to WIN⁣. You rarely fail at anything and you’re not about to start now. ⁣

That’s Already Been Done.

“Don’t crawl little baby; That’s already been done.”

When You Catch Yourself Craving The Limelight…

Ask why you want it

What is the secret behind the 3 Rookies of the Year I’ve coached?

It’s not what you think…

The 3 Most Important Phases of your Business

And why they matter so much helping you and your customers stay happy!

When push comes to love.

No, I didn’t push or shove Lindsey to write this…

Re-break Your Thinking Bone

You’re not getting the results you want… Maybe your thinking bone is broken.

Trigger, meet thought.

Every action has a reaction.  What are your own triggers, and how are they affecting your life & business?

Coaching is a process, not just a project!

What’s sexy about the process of getting results vs. outcomes??

What will I get out of this??

Let’s consider two questions and whether you really want to be your best…


Ever been there?

Hi, can you really help me?

Somewhere out there an ideal client is reading this.  Unsure about what I do, how I do it, why I became a coach, if I can help solve their problems, and so on…

Time for a Change

How do you know when it’s time to talk with a coach like me? You’re feeling stuck, in a rut, or uninspired…

A Rebel Just for Kicks?

Ever heard a song and thought, “ I really like this… I have no idea what type of music it is… it’s a weird blend of things…hard to describe… I like it though!”

EXPECTATIONS: The ultimate way to screw yourself up.

A few years ago I was riding with a buddy in his Jeep to a work event. We had maybe a 15-minute drive together, and in that short time he taught me a universal truth…

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