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Today’s guest is Audrey Becker, one of the amazing coaches in our Business Breakthrough Coaching program. She joins us to talk about how she became a coach, the role of coaching in her personal success, and her signature approach to guiding students which you are all going to love. We hear about Audrey’s go-getter personality and the many different career choices she experimented with before finding the one that fitted just right. She talks about why she transitioned from law enforcement to real estate, why she needed to succeed so quickly in her new position, and how finding a coach allowed her to achieve her goals. She shares her experience rising through the ranks in real estate to the position of CEO, the mentorship she provided in that position, and what triggered her to pursue coaching full-time after that. From there, we explore Audrey’s adaptive approach to advising her students, why she helps students reach their goals one step at a time, and why anybody can benefit from coaching, no matter what point in their career they are.

Key Points From This Episode:

– What life was like for Audrey growing up in the small town of Jesup, Iowa.

– Books and resources Audrey often recommends to her students.

– Which musician, alive or dead, Audrey would have a drink with if she could.

– How Chris and Audrey met and why Chris wanted her to be a coach.

– The value of the DiSC assessment for understanding oneself and how to relate to others.

– Some of the career options Audrey explored before becoming a coach.

– What Audrey’s State Patrol training involved and what she learned about herself.

– Why law enforcement was not right for Audrey and how she got into real estate.

– The things one has to leave behind in order to make a change.

– Why Audrey hired a coach and how valuable this was to her success.

– Coming to terms with the expense of coaching by seeing it as an investment.

– Audrey’s journey toward the CEO position at her market center.

– What it takes to be a real estate CEO and the many business skillsets you learn.

– The coaching Audrey did as CEO, what she was missing, and why she became a life coach.

– One of the most challenging things about being a coach for Audrey.

– A description of the adaptive style Audrey uses as a coach.

– Why the coach helps the student reach their goal in small increments.

– How coaching engages all of Audrey’s skills and why she feels she has found her passion.

– The role of consistency and self-investment in getting to the next level.

– What Audrey wants students to say about their experiences of being coached by her.


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