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In this episode of the Relentless Growth Podcast, we speak to serial entrepreneur and real estate agent Brindley Tucker, owner of Your Realty Leverage, a recruiting, training, and coaching firm. Brindley is known for her ability to unite teams and help realtors get the most out of their businesses. Her diverse experience from Wall Street to real estate places her in a unique position to bridge the gap between operations and sales, and it affords her the wisdom to help leaders leverage their teams better. She has significantly impacted the people she has coached and worked with, and we are fortunate to have her with us today! We hear about her diverse experience, her various roles throughout her career, and the many lessons she has learned along the way. We also delve into understanding your conscious and subconscious and how that understanding benefits personal and professional growth. Brindley makes herself vulnerable and tells us about difficult moments in her life and how these moments shaped who she is today. We also unpack the roles of masculine and feminine energies, how to gain control of your emotions, leading with your head and not your heart, the benefits of knowing your limitations, and the importance of surrounding yourself with people that complement your strengths and weaknesses. Brindley shares some advice and basic first steps to discover what you really want in life, such as The Positive Intelligence Assessment. Finally, we hear how her personal journey has affected her dating life, what she is looking for in a partner, and much more. Tune in for one of our most jammed-packed episodes and get advice, knowledge, wisdom, and strategy from a true inspiration, Brindley Tucker!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introduction to Brindley and her professional background.

– We find out what she is currently working on. 

– Why Brindley chose to enter real estate.

– Going from unemployable to CEO.

– Being “held hostage” in your business.

– Why her mother taught her perseverance is key.

– Advice that her Grandfather shared with her: be consistent. 

– The Positive Intelligence Assessment, and why Brindley uses it.

– Brindley shares a traumatic moment that changed her life.

– What she has discovered trying to understand her conscious and subconscious. 

– Why understanding your own subconscious is crucial to success and happiness.

– How Brindley has to “stop playing God.”

– Ways in which she is an emotional being and why her emotions lead her.

– She explains the “power of the pause.”

– Striking a balance between leading with your head and leading with your heart.

– Outline of how working on herself informs her dating life. 

– The benefits of being self-aware and knowing your limitations. 

– The origins of negative emotions.

– Brindley shares what her breakthrough moment was. 

– The steps to take to figure out what you want in life.

– Why Brindley told a client, “Your growth has been complacent for five years.”

– Her approach to leading her team and keeping focus.

– Don’t “swoop & poop” on your team!

– The key difference between KPIs and Metrics.

– What Brindley’s primary focus is currently and the goals she wants to achieve.

– How Brindley’s rock bottom moment gave her the grace to build her current life and businesses.



“It is really fascinating that 99% of how we think and behave we didn’t choose.” — @BrindleyTucker [0:17:35]

“Taking and accepting responsibility that, if it is to be, it is up to me.” — @BrindleyTucker [0:18:36]

“Where the true power came was when I learned how to start managing my emotions better.” — @BrindleyTucker [0:21:52]

“What I find is when I get better, miraculously, the people around me get better.” — @BrindleyTucker [0:35:31]

“Your legacy is you and what you want your life to look like, and no one gets to place judgment on that.” — @BrindleyTucker [0:41:23]

“I always say, ‘The truth sets us free but it usually pisses us off first.’” — @BrindleyTucker [0:43:26]


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