Traumatic life experiences can trigger a cascade of painful emotions, limiting beliefs, and destructive behaviors that might seem impossible to resolve. But today’s guest has developed a revolutionary method for quickly and painlessly clearing the ongoing effects of traumatic events, even if they’ve been repressed or forgotten. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Jon Connelly, who has been conducting training programs for medical, mental health, and life coaches for more than 40 years. He is the author of Life Changing Conversations, a book demonstrating that a single conversation can create profound and lasting life improvements, and the soon-to-be-released book, Grief is Not Sacred, on how people can move past the agony of grief. Dr. Connelly also founded the non-profit organization, the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence (ISSV), which conducts research into advanced methods of his signature Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) for treating survivors of sexual trauma. In today’s episode, he shares the remarkable story of how he found himself in this line of work after graduating with a degree in history and what inspired him to develop a new system that uplifts people rather than assigning pathological labels. We also take a look at current problems with the mental health industry, why Dr. Connelly promotes shifting the notion of ‘self’ over teaching self-love, and why he doesn’t believe traumatic events need to be relived in order to be purged. For all this and so much more, make sure not to miss today’s inspiring conversation with Dr. Jon Connelly!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Dr. Connelly shares the remarkable story of how he found himself in this line of work.

– How he discovered that most people are negatively impacted by past life experiences.

– Some of the issues with the manner in which the mental health industry approaches trauma.

– Why Dr. Connelly wanted to develop a new system that uplifts people rather than assigning them with pathological labels.

– How RRT helps people shift self-concept and experience freedom from emotional turmoil. 

– The importance of moving away from the idea that you are your own worst enemy.

– Dr. Connelly conducts a live demonstration of RRT with your host, Chris Goodman!

– A new understanding of inner peace and clarity using the analogy of the sun, which is always burning; it’s only our awareness of it that changes.

– Why Dr. Connelly focuses on shifting the notion of ‘self’ rather than teaching self-love.

– The high level of responsibility that Dr. Connelly assumes in order to make a difference.

– An example of the role that guilt plays in perpetuating painful emotions and limiting beliefs.

– Understanding the subconscious correlation between our emotions, beliefs, and actions.

– How fear and anger diminish your ability to strategize, be creative, use humor, or feel joy.

– A look at how traumatic experiences are stored in the brain and why they feel so ever-present.

– Why Dr. Connelly doesn’t believe that trauma needs to be relived in order to be purged.

– The secret to closing the loop of reliving traumatic events; releasing blocked energy so that physical and emotional healing can take place.

– Dr. Connelly emphasizes the importance of live demonstrations in training.

– Why freeing people from social anxiety is one of the most significant parts of his job.

– The story of the ‘bad sales’ exercise Dr. Connelly performed with salespeople to help them overcome their fear of rejection and poor performance.

– The value of learning to think abundantly and trust, even when it feels uncomfortable.

– How knowing these two things about the unconscious mind can help you overcome fear.

– Where to start if you think Rapid Resolution Therapy might work for you.

– Parting words of wisdom from Dr. Connelly: regularly listen to an opposing point of view.



“I found that most people had experiences that they might not have thought of as traumatic but that continued to negatively impact them.” — Dr. Jon Connelly [0:16:34]

“Rather than cause that individual’s identity to become a pathological label that they were then going to spend years learning to cope with, [I wanted] to shift the way that person experiences themselves in a way that [uplifts] and shows potential.” — Dr. Jon Connelly [0:19:49]

“If you’re not your emotions, you’re not your thoughts, you’re not your habits, therefore you’re not your personality because what’s personality other than [emotions and thoughts] that have become habitual? If you’re not those things, we have to [find out] who the heck you are.” — Dr. Jon Connelly [0:29:52]

“The emotions that our minds [create] in order to cause us to do these necessary things [for our survival] are often emotions that are completely useless to us as humans, [like] fear.” — Dr. Jon Connelly [0:45:24]

“The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is being imagined and what is actually happening, so people can overcome a fear by imagining that they’re going out of their way to do what they were actually going out of their way to avoid.” — Dr. Jon Connelly [1:13:55]

“I want to teach people: how do you get your own mind to work the way you want? One, and two, how can you be there in a way that is serving others?” — Dr. Jon Connelly [1:18:14]


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