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On the show today Chris is joined by Wyatt Graves to talk about recent events in life and business and the realizations that they have come to about goals, inner work, alignment, and a whole lot more. Wyatt is a returning guest who was featured on one of our most downloaded episodes,”‘Leading with A Servant Heart and Billionaire Vision”. Wyatt is an Owner and Visionary, who regularly discusses how to level up in life and business on his podcast, The Mentee. In this conversation, we dig into some of the tough questions that everyone should be asking themselves to work out what their goals are and to begin working towards them. Wyatt shares some of the epiphanies he has had about placing trust in a grand design, letting things be, and discovering whether you are prepared to live the life that is required to reach the goals you thought you wanted. Chris has gone through some big expansions in his coaching business and is also in the process of having a baby so he weighs in on the work he has been putting in with his partner to keep afloat, thrive, and be present to appreciate all the change. For all this and other great exchanges about the value of coaching, the role of intentionality in success, and the fruition that comes with living in gratitude and openness, tune in today. 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Updates in Chris’ life; moving, having a baby, and expansions in his coaching business.

– Wyatt’s thoughts on paternity leave and setting your own schedule as a business owner.

– Perspectives on the scheduling and the idea of life by design.

– Parenting and the role of quality time in the development of social and emotional intelligence.

– Wyatt’s realization about the spiritual dimension of models and their use in life and business.

– How useful it is to go on a couples’ retreat and set goals for a successful relationship.

– The work Wyatt is doing around intentionality, vulnerability, detachment, and trust.

– How important it is for business people to do the inner work and to sit in discomfort.

– Deciding whether you are willing to make the sacrifices required to achieve the goals you thought you wanted.

– The value of coaching for becoming open to new possibilities.

– Getting ready to live in alignment and the success that comes with doing so.

– The idea that the more people you know the easier your life will be.

– All of the opportunities that present themselves when you live in a state of openness.

– The different tiers of coaching that Chris currently offers.



“I can see how the models that I follow in life and business are actually (I call it God, some people call it the universe) are just lining things up for the good of what we intend to happen.” — @twgraves [0:21:50]

“I’m in this wild space of trying to be aware which is extreme vulnerability. I can’t say that I have ever been in a better season of my life either. It has been some of the hardest work I have ever done.” — @twgraves [0:22:43]

“That’s why so many business owners reject this type of work because it is easy to go hide your head in a mountain of work instead of doing what you are resisting to do.” — Chris Goodman [0:23:05]

“Just let it be. Let’s explore and have some fun while we are here.” — Chris Goodman [0:27:44]


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