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Getting clear on the vision for your life can feel incredibly daunting, but once you gain clarity, every other decision you make will align with where you see yourself going. This takes discipline and the courage to show up for yourself daily, no matter how many times you get knocked down. Today’s guest, Wyatt Graves, is an extraordinary example of someone whose massive vision — helping everyone to live the good life — extends far beyond his personal gains. In this episode, we get to know Wyatt including the work he does in real estate and how the fear of not living up to his expectations motivates him daily. We also learn about how he helps his team achieve the good life. Wyatt does not believe in a one-size-fits-all definition of success and feels as though the hustle culture we have come to accept promotes hard work for its own sake. Instead, by honoring a personal understanding of success, everyone can achieve the good life on their own terms. Wyatt understands the power of community in getting to where you need to be, and we unpack how your environment and the people who you surround yourself with can either make or break you. Along with this, we explore goals and what stands in people’s way of reaching milestones, how Wyatt’s intentional morning routine sets him up for the day, and why getting out of your own way can help your vision grow more than you can imagine. Wyatt’s heart and drive to help others go after everything they want is truly awe-inspiring, and he is someone we can all learn a great deal from. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

– The story of how Chris and Wyatt met in 2016 at Mega Camp.

– Get to know Wyatt, including where he’s from, and some of his most influential books.

– Some of Wyatt’s numbers, like the size of the team he’s managing, houses sold, and more.

– Wyatt’s passion for early education and his 20-year involvement in the space.

– Why Wyatt’s vision has not had to change much in light of COVID.

– What Wyatt believes holds people back from achieving their goals.

– The role that other people play in creating an environment for you to thrive or fail in.

– How risk-taking builds confidence, which ultimately leads to success.

– The accelerated training program Wyatt and have team have created to help people who have lost their jobs.

– Total personal responsibility is frightening, but it’s the only way to succeed.

– How Wyatt has gone into his leadership role with purpose and intent.

– Two things to change if you are held back by the fear of failure.

– Hear more about Wyatt’s morning routine and his gratitude and future-self journaling.

– Getting comfortable with the monotony of success.

– Hear Wyatt’s vision: Creating a billion-dollar company to help even more people.

– What fires Wyatt up to continually pursue his vision.

– What’s on the horizon for Wyatt, and where you can get hold of him.


“All in all, I feel like we’re winning across a lot of boards, across a lot of places right now. And pretty excited and pretty proud of the people that are around me, that are helping us win.” — Wyatt Graves [0:13:39]

“We’re on a mission to live the good life. I’m on a mission to help build the good life for others, we just happen to sell real estate.” — Wyatt Graves [0:18:31]

“We know that courage and bravery is facilitated from having a group of people that are empathetic witnesses that won’t judge you in spite of your failures and that will encourage you to continue to grow, learn, and take more risks.” — Wyatt Graves [0:23:48]

“I just can’t sit on the sidelines and be idle. That’s not an option, that’s not a choice. So, whatever I have to do, we just do it, and we just grind and persevere.” — Wyatt Graves [0:35:21]

“If we don’t create our environment, then our environment will create us.” — Wyatt Graves [0:44:32]

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