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Committing to a challenge over a set period of time can kickstart your growth and help you get focused on what’s most important to you. Where could you stretch yourself? Will you be committed enough to actually do the work? If you’re interested in pushing yourself in nearly every category of your life and business, this is the episode for you! Tuning in, you’ll hear all about the 100 Day Warrior Challenge that Chris is doing, from the excuses he overcame with the support of his community to how he left complacency behind and set achievable short-term goals for himself. Find out what motivated him, what you can do if 100 days sounds like too much, and why it’s so important to be purposeful when you decide how to challenge yourself. For all this and much more, make sure you don’t miss today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

– How to secure a 50% discount for Chris Goodman’s Mastermind for March 2023.

– What to do if you can’t commit to a 100-day challenge.

– Why the first step is to take stock of the areas in your life where you can improve.

– Taking action to implement what you have realized about your life.

– Excuses Chris had to overcome to do the 100 Day Warrior Challenge.

– The different goals participants had for the challenge.

– Chris’ motivation behind the 100 Day Challenge.

– What he came up with to challenge himself.

– Why being realistic with yourself is important.

– A glimpse into what Chris’ morning routine looks like.

– The importance of being purposeful with your challenge.

– A reminder that rites of passage are meant to be difficult (and even dangerous).

– How Chris has used NuCalm to manage his energy levels.

– The challenge of saying no to things.

– Structuring accountability in your challenge.

– The real purpose of tracking and the dangers of complacency.

– Why the substance of this experience should be transformative and life-changing.

– Insight into Chris’ belief that who we are in life is who we are in business.

– Where to start: by choosing one commitment!


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