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Today, we are flipping the script! Our dedicated host, Chris Goodman, takes on the role of guest as his wife, Lindsay Mango, picks up the host’s mantle. During this discussion about Chris’ recent men’s retreat at Undisputed Mastery, he explains how he ended up there without knowing all the details, and how the decision to enter the unknown shifted his mentality. Chris tells us how danger is synonymous with growth and success, why being uncomfortable is something that we should all pursue, what he learned from letting go of his fear, and how mastery requires patience, repetition, and perseverance. We then get into some of the personal transformations Chris experienced on the retreat, including how to be vulnerable, how to let go of what is unnecessary, and how to apply vulnerability to everyday life. Finally, Chris gives us some parting words of wisdom as well as a reminder to support the incredible work being done by Operation Rescue Children. 


Key Points From This Episode:

– We begin our discussion about Chris’ recent men’s retreat at Undisputed Mastery, Wichita Falls. 

– How Chris ended up at the retreat even though he didn’t really know what he was getting into. 

– The mental shift he made just by deciding to enter the unknown.

– Why Chris finds danger to be synonymous with growth and success. 

– Being willing to be uncomfortable and ‘wrong’ in order to learn and grow.

– The growth Chris experienced by letting go of his fear and pushing himself to the limit. 

– How mastery is built through patience, repetition, and perseverance. 

– The personal changes he has experienced after the retreat as a result of his newly-gained perspective. 

– Chris explains the ‘lightness’ that Lindsay witnessed in him upon his return. 

– Why being vulnerable is more admirable and helpful than pretending to have it all figured out. 

– Taking a closer look at Chris’ moment of vulnerability during the retreat. 

– How you can better apply vulnerability in your life. 

– Parting words of wisdom from Chris and some encouragement for you to support Operation Rescue Children.



“This was the most transformative event I’ve ever put myself through, and I used to lead retreats that were almost twice as long as this and I thought those were good; this was like injecting 100 of those into my veins.” — Chris Goodman [0:02:32]

“I was at a point where I wanted to make a major shift. I felt like I had plateaued in pretty much every area of my life, and this was a great excuse to go and break through all of that.” — Chris Goodman [0:05:02]

“I don’t think we grow when we stay comfortable and when we stay right. This was a great way for me to get uncomfortable and be wrong about a lot of things.” — Chris Goodman [0:08:26]

“Being vulnerable is a million times more inspiring than pretending to have it all together.” — Chris Goodman [0:16:55]


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