Welcome to Episode 6 of the Bourbon & Breakthroughs Series, where we sit down with the best and brightest in their fields to discuss a wide range of topics, all while enjoying a glass of fine bourbon. In this episode, we have the pleasure of meeting Jess Burns, a seasoned property manager, and top-notch real estate agent with a passion for investment. With a trusted team of experts and a knack for listening, Jessica puts her clients at ease while fiercely advocating for their best interests. Her unwavering integrity and dedication to high standards make her a go-to for achieving results. In our conversation, we dive into how Jessica takes ownership of her life and uses her passion to drive her success in business. We discuss her relationship-oriented approach to business and the benefits of putting yourself into uncomfortable positions. We also explore her coaching experience and the many breakthroughs she had, including her insight that one should not live on default. Jessica shares her incredible career journey, her perception of success, how your thinking shapes your outcomes, and much more. We do all of this over a fine glass of Heigold bourbon, teach Jess  “The Kentucky Chew,” and unpack its amazing taste. Tune in now!


Key Points From This Episode:

– How she leverages her personality to drive success in business.

– Why Jess prefers bourbon to other spirits and she shares her tasting notes.

– Jess tells us about the breakthroughs that impacted her life the most.

– Hear how Jess was able to persevere through past failures.

– Find out about the many successes she has had from her breakthroughs.

– The rule she lives her life by, and the importance of self-care.

– Her formulae for success and how she developed it over time.

– Discover how to shift your mindset and begin your journey to success.

– We debate the correct way to make an old fashioned.

– She shares the biggest surprise from the success she has achieved.

– The importance of not being afraid to make mistakes.

– Overcoming a negative mindset and taking her business to the next level.

– The biggest mistake that she does not regret making.

– A final takeaway that Jess has for listeners.


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