Welcome to Episode 5 of the Bourbon & Breakthroughs Series. For trauma survivors, even seemingly ordinary life experiences can trigger negative beliefs, painful emotions, and problematic behaviors that feel impossible to resolve. Attempting to heal or create lasting change without eliminating the influence of past events would be like putting a Band-Aid over a bullet wound. This is the belief of today’s remarkable guest, Dr. Jon Connelly, whose early career experiences as a child protective service worker and clinical supervisor helped him develop Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), a pioneering method for clearing the ongoing effects of traumatic events quickly and painlessly. Join us today as we discuss Dr. Connelly’s work with RRT and get a sneak peek into his process during a live session with Chris, all while enjoying a glass of Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Rabbit Hole Distillery. You’ll find out why Dr. Connelly believes that making a difference starts with personal responsibility, why he rejects the idea that you need to feel bad in order to feel better, what is in his “strong, deceptively powerful, and sweet” signature cocktail, and so much more. To learn how to overcome your fears, heal trauma, and shift your perspective using Dr. Connelly’s revolutionary RRT system, be sure to tune in today!

This episode carries a trigger warning for listeners who are sensitive to trauma, accounts of traumatic events, and references to abuse. Please listen with care.


Key Points From This Episode:

– Reflections on the taste and aroma of Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

– How you can test the waters of RRT with the free weekly Solutions! Group.

– The need to overhaul systems that blame the people they fail.

– Intentions of RRT: eliminating suffering while ensuring that treatment isn’t painful.

– Insight into Dr. Connelly’s work with law enforcement to help survivors of sexual assault. 

– The high level of responsibility that Dr. Connelly assumes in order to make a difference.

– Breaking the cycle of victimhood quickly and painlessly.

– Ways that Dr. Connelly helps those who are struggling and those who just want to do better.

– A live session with Chris to help him receive and appreciate his unique ideas like gifts.

– A visualization exercise featuring a mythical life form that inspires gratitude and excitement.

– Improving emotions, thoughts, habits, and behaviors with a subtle shift in perspective.

– How Dr. Connelly teaches people to communicate in ways that cause automatic change.

– Debunking the limiting belief that success only comes from hard work and rigorous effort.

– Some of the ways that you can get started on your RRT journey today!

– Dr. Connelly as a cocktail: strong, deceptively powerful, and sweet.


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