How do you know when it’s time to talk with a coach like me?

You’re feeling stuck, in a rut, or uninspired:

Ever noticed how really driven, goal-oriented, and ambitious people are often the last ones to ask for help?  Yeah, we all notice and don’t worry because you’re not alone.  I’ve talked with hundred of business owners, top salespeople, successful businessmen and businesswomen, and talented folks who reluctantly admit that sometimes they just need a little help to get to the next level… As if that’s something to be ashamed of?!

It’s crucial to understand that it’s really common to want help because it means there are so many people who can benefit from doing one simple thing:  Raising their hand and saying “You know what, I just need a little guidance.”

Without volunteering, who could ever come to their rescue or offer some support?  How can we help them achieve their goals if we don’t know they’re stuck?

When you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, do you think the people around you notice?  Don’t you think your family and closest friends can see and feel the difference?

Of course they can, because how you show up anywhere is how you show up everywhere.  Let’s change how you’re showing up and find the right coach for you and why you’re currently stuck.

You have an important goal and don’t know how to reach it:

Someone wiser than me said “a goal without a plan is just a daydream.”  I’d argue a goal is great, and a plan for that goal is even better, yet without directed action and accountability there’s a greater chance for failure on that particular goal.

If you’re reading this, there’s an excellent chance you’re into personal development, self-improvement, coaching, or finding ways to become a better version of yourself (and that’s phenomenal – keep that sh*t up) however…

Learning, awareness, and goal setting are often not enough by themselves to create the life we daydream about all the time…

Sometimes we need a WHO.

Not a book, not a program, not a worksheet, not a blueprint, not a clever or inspirational meme — sometimes we need a real human to connect with who helps us see why and how we’re not hitting our important goals.  Maybe you just need a coach to push or pull you on the path, or maybe you need their help in discovering the path altogether.

They may not have all the answers, yet if you’re still struggling to hit an important goal when will you decide it’s time to do something different?

You want to be a better leader:

First, congratulations!  Wanting to be a better leader means you’re thinking of serving others, and the world needs more of that today!

Secondly, great leadership requires great learning, so if you’re not leading in the best way maybe it’s simply time to learn some new tricks.

So how do we learn new leadership tips, techniques, or the infamous “best practices”??  We have no shortage of options with books, podcasts, conferences, webinars, etc. etc. And what about coaching?  Couldn’t you just learn this “stuff” from a book?

Short answer:  Yes.

More effective answer:  Yes, [and] you could learn it in a fraction of the time with a great coach because the world has learned from other industries that coaching WORKS.

Want to make it to the Super Bowl?  Think you’ll need a coach to get there?

Want to become the world’s finest violinist?  Think you’ll need a great mentor?

Want to be the best chef?  Who will help you learn the chemistry and best techniques behind the scenes?

Want to be a Navy SEAL?  Cool, who will train you?

See where I’m going with this??

If you want to be a better leader, why would you think you’re immune to having someone coach you?

You feel like you don’t have the freedom you want:

Maybe you’re not stuck, and maybe you’re not exactly happy either.

What happens when we know our potential is being wasted every day?  When the freedom we deeply want seems out of reach?

Think of how many people you know trapped in a job they hate right now, suffocating from the repetitive grind… day in and day out, worrying about their TPS reports and quotas, feeling like they’re missing out on life while time quickly slips away…

Gruesome isn’t it??

So what’s the alternative?  I realize you (or that family member or friend you thought of while reading the things above) may not be able to just quit their job and suddenly become the person they’ve always wanted to be or suddenly have the dream life they’ve always wanted…

or can they?

I’ve done it twice in the last six years and guess what…  I am living proof that we can experience genuine, rewarding, and fulfilling freedom on a whole new level once we have the right mindset and people in our lives.

Please, please stop settling for being caged like a bird and realize that your freedom is just as important as anything else in this world – it just might be up to you and the help of coach to figure out how to open that cage door.

Look, there are a million reasons people hire a coach, and a quick scan of four of the common ones isn’t an impressive or exhaustive list by any means.  You are unique and you have your own set of stories, fears, people, problems, opportunities, goals, and dreams… if you’re not the person you need to be to have everything you want in life, who will help you get to the next level?

Maybe me.  Maybe not.  Maybe you’ll write this off and say “I know what I need to do I just need to go do it.”  Or one of my favorites “why would I pay someone to tell me what I already know?”  And the classic “I can’t afford something like that.”

You might not be surprised to learn that those are what we call “excuses” and my job is partly to show you how you’re sabotaging yourself, your goals, and your life when you let your brain utter little phrases like those…

Maybe it’s time to reconsider how you’re approaching this whole self-improvement thing.

Maybe it’s time to enlist some reinforcements who understand you and what you’re going for right now.

Maybe it’s time for a change.

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