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You’re not getting the results you want.

You’re taking action and it’s taking too long, it’s just not working, AND to top it all off you’re just not seeing the results you really want.  So you continue to ask yourself…

“What’s going wrong?  Is it me? Do I not know enough?  Am I the problem?”

Here’s where a coach can step in and help you discover and resolve that obnoxious malfunction… Notice how I said that: 

Help YOU figure it out. 

Coaches are not charged with having ALL the answers, explicitly giving you advice, and clearing the path out the woods for you.  My goal is simply to unleash the talented and powerful mind you already have to maximize your own thoughts, performance, and results.

Most of the time, coaches can help you identify the what/why/hows of the malfunction too.  Ultimately, there is a surprising and simple truth behind almost every problem:  The problem isn’t stemming from your actions… It’s stemming from your thoughts. 

Maybe your thinking bone is broken.

No matter how well-educated, highly trained, super-driven, or incredibly resourceful we may be, we are ALL susceptible to flaws and breaks in our thoughts. Our minds are incredibly powerful and versatile, yet they’re not perfect either.  Over time, our imperfect thoughts create belief systems, certain emotions, behavioral patterns, habits, and results.  Ultimately our thoughts create the exact results we see in our lives and businesses.  So the resolution to your problem, or series of problems, may not lie in changing your actions alone…

You may need to re-break your thinking bone.


Just like a broken bone that doesn’t heal properly, you’re probably experiencing pain and a lack of results because your thinking bone (aka mindset or perspective) wasn’t set right the first time.  And trust me – I don’t blame you for letting it happen…

How many people (or businesses) really take time to evaluate how their thoughts are creating their results?  Are we ever taught to spend time considering whether we’re causing our own problems, or if our mindset and thoughts are the culprits?  In college we’re taught to think critically and analyze situations carefully, yet how much time do we spend each week turning the microscope onto ourselves or our businesses?

Again, this is where a coach can step in to help you discover and resolve the root of the problem…  How can we do that?  The short answer is:  through the art and science of great coaching.  The longer answer is:  Sometimes you simply need to re-break the way you’re thinking, the action you’re taking, and get a little uncomfortable because staying in your comfort zone isn’t producing the results you want.  Once you do the work, and your thinking bone is reset in a healthy and productive way, you can move forward.

Once you’re reset, both you and your mindset are ready to look at the problem in a new way


This often means looking at the situation differently, having a different perspective, creating a new strategy or series of steps, changing what you’ve focused on lately, and reconsidering your priorities… sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Coaches like me can help you keep it simple.

What about all the pain, the lengthy healing, the discomfort, and the drawn-out effects of re-breaking a bone? 

If your coach really understands you, re-breaking this bone might just be the best feeling you’ve ever had.


But how is that possible?  It’s simple really:  Once we identify the issue and reset, you can experience tremendous clarity, confidence, excitement, overwhelming emotions, and a brand new laser-focus on your solution.  These are the first steps in healing up that broken thinking bone, yet what’s most important is the action you take following that process.

Because it’s not up to your coach to have the answers, do the work for you, or even reset your broken thinking bone every single time in the future;  it’s ultimately up to you to do this kind of work, and you must answer two simple questions:


1)  If you’re not getting the results you want, what is broken?


2) Who will help you reset it?

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