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I used to really crave the kind of validation that followed doing impressive things. I didn’t realize it; I think it just felt really good to “get noticed” by people I respect. ⁣

If you can remember a time when someone, maybe even a stranger, praised you for doing something impressive, you know it feels fantastic. It feels like sunshine on your soul, and a few awards or compliments can keep you warmed up for weeks…⁣

But then my coaches showed me an even better way to feel “seen.”

After hitting some success, I learned how to promote OTHER people’s goals more than my own. How to understand them, inspire them, lead them to THEIR own version of an amazing life, and help them past the really hard parts along the way to their greatness.⁣

Coaching shifted HOW I felt “significant” which is the psych/coaching word for a simple yet profound human need we all experience: ⁣

Our desire to FEEL valuable or meaningful. ⁣

Coaching opened up a new, intense way to feel more valuable than ALL of my personal accomplishments combined…⁣

I was hooked instantly.⁣

And after all these years I still feel infinitely more satisfied about client wins than my own.⁣

This month, we’ve celebrated wins like buying a plane, national news features for their community work during the Covid crisis, learning to manage their stress, record-setting months for their teams, streamlining their business plan, finding the courage to ask toxic employees to leave, and hundreds of moments molding them into the man or woman they truly want to become.⁣

They don’t often seek the limelight anymore, and once they see themselves AND their people (their team, partner, client, spouse, kids, etc) hitting their goals or living the life they really want, they get hooked on coaching too. ⁣

Let’s get on a consult if you’re ready to help others win more too.

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