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In this episode, your host Chris Goodman has a conversation with his spouse Lindsey about growing together as a couple. We often hear people share their frustrations when their partner does not have the same commitment to professional and personal growth as they do or doesn’t seem to understand the new direction that they are eagerly pursuing. Chris and Lindsey pull back the curtain on some of their experiences – the good, bad, and ugly. They talk about their different mindsets around money and finances and how they managed to breach that gap, and what Chris’s response to Lindsey was when she was still uncertain about the idea of getting married. Tuning in, listeners will learn about Lindsey and the work she does, why you have to accept that personal growth is imperfect, what to do when you and you partner’s journeys are not synchronized, and how you can turn the lens inward to evaluate how your own thoughts might cause a problem. If you want to grow in your relationship and truly meet the other halfway, taking responsibility for your inner work and thought processes is imperative. We easily blame our partners for things that go wrong and for their inability to grow at the pace that best suits us, but when you think about it, are they really to blame? We address all of this and more, so stay tuned!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know Lindsey, how she got into life coaching, and what her business is like.

Lindsey talks about a period of feeling lost and not knowing how to leverage her potential.

Getting hooked on personal-growth; the role that mentorship and coaching played in her life.

Hear how Chris and Lindsey met, got engaged, and started their journey together.

How Chris and Lindsey are similar and different and how it shows up in their life.

The personal growth journey is imperfect and not always synchronized in a couple.

Lindsey shares how she deals with Chris’s doubts and fears when it comes to money.

Not allowing your partner’s beliefs to dictate your decisions and obstruct your growth path.

Find out how Chris gave Lindsey the space to get more certain about the idea of marriage.

Learn how holding space for your partner’s growth process requires that you do inner work.

Paying attention to your language when speaking to your significant other about their growth.

What happens when you change after meeting the person you committed your life to?

Taking responsibility for yourself and the part you are playing in the conflict with your partner.

Advice for moving forward when the two of you are growing at a different pace.

Figuring out why your thoughts about your spouse are making you feel the way they are.

Remember: What you focus on will grow, so pay attention to what you are thinking about.


“I always say, ‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’’ — @lindseymango_ [0:06:12]

“I essentially help women create their version of an anything but average life. So, I am helping the woman I was four years ago. The woman who knows she is meant for more.” — @lindseymango_ [0:07:31]

“Our goal here is progress, not perfection.” — Chris Goodman [0:12:48]

“A question you can ask yourself is, ‘What am I thinking about my husband or my wife when it comes to this?’ And really identify what it is: are you thinking, ‘I am growing way faster than them, they should be better, they could be better, they could we way happier than what they are if they knew this thing?’ What are all the thoughts you have about them because that is what is creating the experience you are having of them.”  @lindseymango_ [0:31:48]

“I just want to offer that it is possible that your husband or wife doesn’t have to do or grow for you to love them. You can still love them where they are.” — @lindseymango_ [0:33:57]

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