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Welcome to the first episode of the Relentless Growth podcast, and thank you so much for tuning in! In this introductory show, we set the expectations for this podcast with a sneak peek of what’s to come. We get to know the host Chris Goodman, what it means to be a life and business coach, and the motivation behind creating this platform. This podcast is by no means a ‘sit and listen’ experience. You, as the listener, will be an active participant in the fluid way this season unfolds. Along with all this, Chris shares how aspects of entertainment, education, and liberation will be interwoven into every show as well as the different formats you can expect, including interviews with movers and shakers, and live coaching sessions. If you want to learn simple, effective tools to move forward and get an unprecedented look into coaching and the wisdom it offers, then this is the show for you! We can’t wait for you to join us on this exciting journey.

Key Points From This Episode:

– Why this first episode was recorded from inside a closet!

– Who is Chris Goodman? Learn more about your Relentless Growth host.

– Parallels between a life coach and a personal trainer.

– Core pillars of the Relentless Growth podcast — Entertainment, education, and liberation.

– The podcast will reflect the journey of personal growth and evolve as time goes on.

– What this podcast is not: Perfect or focused on a niche.

– A taste of what’s to come this season!


“The message I have, the interviews I have, the content I want to share is so important that I will sit on a carpet floor in a closet to bring it to you.” — Chris Goodman [0:01:04]

“Coaching, in a way, is teaching. It’s showing somebody how to think differently, and therefore how to get different results. So, a lot of this will be something that affected me personally or in business or really worked for one of my clients, and I’ll teach you the same tips, tools, techniques, strategies.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:11]

“I really want you to get a peek behind what coaching actually looks like, in this case for free, so you can have a more fulfilled life, a more successful business, even more meaningful and deeper relationships.” — Chris Goodman [0:08:02]

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