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Being a trillion-dollar consultant is a title most of us can only dream of, and it is one of the many that today’s guest, Kareen Walsh, has managed to achieve. Not only is she an elite executive coach, but she is also a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor, author, and podcaster. As the CEO/Founder of Revampologist, LLC, a seven-figure boutique consulting and coaching company, Kareen brings over 17 years of experience, underpinned by her unique, people-process-technology approach. In today’s episode, Kareen talks about where she sees most leaders tripping up and stresses the importance of not viewing personal and professional growth as dichotomous. Instead, they are reflective of one another, but this is hard for many leaders to accept. Kareen chats about the tough love she gives her clients and why coaches should not shy away from tough topics. To bring about change, you have to reform systems, and this starts with how the leader views themselves. Our fascinating conversation also touches on creating spaces that foster growth, how leaders know when it is time to move on, and the value of walking away at the right time. You will be hard-pressed to find information of this caliber for free anywhere else, so tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s guest, elite coach, Kareen Walsh. 

– The most common barriers Kareen sees executives face as they become increasingly successful.  

– An important question that you should ask yourself if you want to grow into a leader. 

– Why you cannot disentangle business and personal growth; they are a reflection of one another. 

– How Kareen shows clients the connection between personal and professional growth. 

– What leaders who have reluctant teams can do to get their people on board with changes. 

– Kareen’s systems-thinking, inclusive approach that interrogates the process. 

– Reminding executives and leaders that it took time to where they are. 

– Why Kareen is unapologetic about walking away from the wrong type of client. 

– The hilarious thing Kareen once told a client, and where he is today. 

– As coaches, it is crucial to show up authentically and call it like it is. 

– How Kareen equips leaders to have tough conversations with their teams. 

– Four questions to ask to interrogate the quality of the work environment.  

– When you assess what is really going on, you make space for change and can pivot if needed. 

– Creative, innovative leaders often do not consider exit strategies. 

– How leaders know when it is time for them to get out of the way. 

– It is ok to walk away from a company you have built; it is not a failure. 

– What Kareen means by integrative performance management and why it is so important. 

– When leaders show that they are working on themselves, it sets an example for their teams.  

– Where you can find Kareen online and get hold of her resources.  



“Sometimes people trip up into leadership.” — @kareenzwalsh [0:08:48]

“The growth of your business is a reflection of your own personal growth, and if you’re not looking at that in the environment that you’re in, then I guarantee you’re either wasting time or money trying to get it done.” — @kareenzwalsh [0:11:30]

“You have to show up in the truth of the moment, not just for collecting a check because that’s a job. That’s not what I do.” — @kareenzwalsh [0:26:16]

“Outgrowing what you’ve done is normal because we’re constantly evolving. And if we don’t pay attention to those signs, then we are actually dragging everyone else down because we ourselves are not actually facing what we need to do next.” — @kareenzwalsh [0:41:05]


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