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Jim Carter III knows how it feels to be burned out and overwhelmed. When he was chasing money he never felt satisfied. And when he asked himself if his goals were worth the effort he was putting into them, he realized the answer was no. Jim’s realization was affirmed when he read Adam Braun’s book, The Promise of a Pencil, and this was where his transformative journey began! Today, Jim is dedicated to providing changemakers with the technological tools they need to thrive. He is motivated by serving his family and making the world a better place and he is wealthier (in all senses of the word) than he ever has been. During this conversation with Jim, he shares his advice for finding your purpose, key tools to overcoming impostor syndrome, and his approach to creating a workplace culture that is built on the core values of freedom and balance.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s purpose-driven guest, Jim Carter III.
  • Fast Foundations Mastermind: an overview of what this program is and how it changed Jim’s life.
  • Where Jim’s interest in service-based projects began.
  • The burnout that Jim experienced when he strayed from his passion for service. 
  • What Jim is motivated by.
  • The catalyst for Jim’s transformational journey. 
  • How Jim managed to overcome impostor syndrome.
  • Advice for finding your purpose.
  • Where Jim is currently directing his focus.  
  • Values that are foundational to the culture that Jim has created in his company; Carter and Custer.
  • Jim’s approach to leadership.
  • Examples of the ways in which Jim’s fully remote company maintains open communication amongst their team members.
  • Information that Jim shares daily via text message. [Get his cellphone number at 50:57 if you are interested]
  • Jim’s top book recommendations.
  • Brendon Burchard; why Jim would love to learn more from this man.



“It’s never just A to B, it’s A to J, and we don’t realize that all of these other steps go in between.” — @causehacker [0:10:12]

“Because I put that pressure on myself and I knew that I was meant for more and I was open to it, I was finally able to receive it.” — @causehacker [0:21:26]

“If you’re feeling the reluctance to stand in what you know you’re doing, find somebody who can cheer you on, who believes in you.” — @causehacker [0:26:02]

“Find something that you believe in and be open to it and it will present itself.” — @causehacker [0:30:57]

“I would much rather create my own playbook and draft off of what worked for others than simply follow the rules of somebody else.” — @causehacker [0:45:35]


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