Today, we are joined by a formidable couple who are focused on building a passionate, meaningful, and energetic life while also building successful businesses dedicated to changing lives. Alli Webb is the co-founder of Drybar and President of Canopy (among many other things), and Adrian Koehler, AKA The Founder Whisperer, is a leadership coach for the restless and relentless. Alli and Adrian allow each other room to be as big as they need to be in the world while also providing each other with a safe place to land. This makes them a perfect match! The power couple joins us today to share wisdom, insight, and actionable advice on how to grow in your love, businesses, and life. In this episode, we hear about how they embrace radically transparent conversations with each other, why Alli chooses to be so open on social media, and why you shouldn’t take a taker! We also discover Alli and Adrian’s thoughts on how to prevent yourself from outgrowing your partner and why you shouldn’t have to convince your partner to grow. Tune in to find out more from these two generous spirits, as they share their experience of love and their expansive knowledge of business.


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s formidable power couple, Alli Webb and Adrian Koehler.

– What Adrian means when he says, “Nobody survives a great conversation.”

– Alli and Adrian’s choice to make their relationship public and feature in Brides Magazine.

– What drove Alli’s open and vulnerable stance in the social media space.

– How to keep from outgrowing your partner in a mature relationship.

– Radical transparency versus the despair of resignation.

– The challenges Alli faced adjusting to her relationship with Adrian.

– The limiting beliefs that Alli overcame to achieve her success.

– How founding and scaling Drybar to nine-figure success has changed Alli.

– How Alli and Adrian met and fell for each other.

– What it looks like to choose vitality and not be a zombie.

– How Alli and Adrian’s pace and priorities match up.

– The beauty of the ‘generous exchange’ and why it’s important not to date takers.

– Alli and Adrian’s thoughts about trying to convince your partner to grow.

– The importance of being authentic from the get-go.

– What Canopy is, the role Alli plays in the company, and why she got involved.

– Whether great results come from doing or being.

– The purpose of The Revenant Process, and how it works.

– How our assumptions govern our lives.

– What happens when leaders and organizations are not oriented to their brilliance.



“You need somebody that’s big enough to give you room to be as big as you are and to be as small as you need to be.” — Adrian Koehler [0:37:45]

“The best advice that I could give is letting go of some persona that you want to be or think you should be, or showing up in a way that you think somebody wants you to show up versus showing up who you really are.” — Alli Webb [0:42:42]

“When you go through pain and suffering with a vision, then you’ve got resilience.” — Adrian Koehler [0:45:38]

“Your experience generally becomes your future.” — Adrian Koehler [0:58:23]


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