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When we don’t control our thoughts, our thoughts control us. Today, Chris shares two simple exercises that have helped his coaching clients slow down, observe their thoughts, and propel themselves toward their goals. Tuning in, you’ll learn how to visualize counterproductive thoughts and release them like leaves into a flowing river, as well as how to identify consistently disempowering thoughts by imagining that you’re programming them into a robot. As you know, Chris believes that you can find the answers you seek at the level of what you are thinking, because your thoughts dictate your feelings, which ultimately dictate your actions, so make sure not to miss this ‘thought-provoking’ episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Updates from Chris: recovering from COVID, losing a mentor, and what it taught him.

– Why Chris’ coaching practice centers on what his clients are being, not what they are doing.

– How your thoughts dictate your feelings and, ultimately, your actions.

– A simple visualization exercise to help you pause, observe your thoughts, and let them go.

– Some thoughts you might want to observe and release, like, “I don’t know where to start.” 

– How you can replace counterproductive thoughts with beneficial ones.

– Another exercise involving a robot that will help you identify your disempowering thoughts.

– The value of honoring the impact that your thoughts and feelings have on your results.

– How your thoughts and feelings translate into dollars, happiness, fulfillment, impact, and showing up as a joyful person in business.



“When we go deep enough, we find our answers at the level of what they are thinking, because what they are thinking creates what they feel, and what they feel creates what they choose to do next or refuse to do next.” — Chris Goodman [0:05:35]

“My encouragement here is to slow down and notice, ‘I’m telling myself I don’t know how to start and that is a problem.’ We need to stop there. My suggestion is to let that [thought] go and reach for a better one.” — Chris Goodman [0:12:00]

“When you hear me talk about thoughts, feelings, and all of this ‘soft stuff’, I want you to realize the implications of that are huge and they translate to dollars, to happiness, to fulfillment, to impact in the world, and to showing up as a [joyful] person in business.” — Chris Goodman [0:20:22]


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