Being courageous takes practice, and today’s guest has been learning how to live courageously for as long as she can remember. Romy Marlo is the Founder and CEO of The Uncommon Woman, a coaching initiative that empowers women with the skills and platforms to share their stories with confidence while continuing on their unique path to healing, contribution, and success. She is deeply committed to spearheading social initiatives that support women and children escaping domestic violence, like her Kind Kits initiative, and The Uncommon Woman Black and White gallery. We talk with Romy about surviving domestic abuse, finding the courage to leave someone you love, and how it helped her shift her identity from being an entrepreneur to a business owner. Tuning in you’ll hear Romy describe how she became a fitness entrepreneur, how she built a thriving gym in six weeks with only one thousand dollars, and some of the temporary sacrifices she made for long-term gain. We discuss the moments that have assisted Romy on her spiritual journey and why living with love and courage is a guiding principle in her life. She also shares how her coaching business has evolved, why she is passionate about personal growth, and what she is anticipating for the next phase of her career and spiritual journey. Tune in for an inspiring conversation with the original uncommon woman, Romy Marlo!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing today’s guest Romy Marlo, CEO of The Uncommon Woman.

– Romy’s experiences with domestic abuse and how this informed her business journey.

– How Romy became a fitness entrepreneur and built a thriving gym in six weeks.

– The Tribe Called Bliss event by Lori Harder and the impact it had on Romy.

– Insights into Romy’s identity as a business owner and entrepreneur.

– How Romy’s identity shifted when she started her own gym.

– Why Romy considers herself to be both a coach and a mentor.

– Learn about Romy’s unique approach as a coach and what shaped it.

– Romy’s spiritual journey and how she spiritually supports her clients.

– How Romy founded and built her coaching business.

– How Romy has learned to practice her courage muscle.

– Why it’s easy to lose touch with your intuition and how to gain courage and confidence.

– Romy’s personal growth journey and her enduring passion for self-development.

– How Romy’s spiritual mentor has guided her through difficulties.

– The balance of living with courage and joy and how Romy achieves it.

– How to achieve personal change through small steps.

– Romy’s next evolution and how she is reaching the end of her current one.



“I just couldn’t see myself going backward. And, you know, kind of throwing myself back into the mold somebody else had created. So I just thought, let’s just do it, you know, and it took all of the courage in the world.” — Romy Marlo [0:15:56]

“I also give a ton of support to women who are having spiritual shifts in their lives because I feel like it’s such a strong undercurrent of the work that I do, because for me personally, it was the spiritual transformation that led me to the work that I do.” — Romy Marlo [0:19:32]

“It’s all about your vision, you know, what are you willing to do? How uncomfortable are you willing to get in order to see this thing through?” — Romy Marlo [0:23:54]

“I’d made the decision to change. But I didn’t know how.” — Romy Marlo [0:28:37]

“Courage is what gets you in the room. And the confidence is what keeps you there.” — Romy Marlo [0:33:16]

“I just decided to live in love and joy, through the whole thing. And it changed everything for me, everything. So, you know, I feel now when I’m looking at anything that’s happening in my life, that I can make the choice to infuse it with love and joy, or fear and lack. That’s just, it’s a one-degree shift.” — Romy Marlo [0:48:59]

“I find that when we’re deep in purpose, we have the most growth.” — Romy Marlo [01:03:45]


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