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Personal finance is usually complex and boring, but Rachel Richards’ approach is exactly the opposite! Growing up in a wealthy area but not from a wealthy family, Rachel was aware from a young age of the impact that money has on quality of life. She made a decision that she was going to change her circumstances, and that she did! Her success as a financial advisor and analyst allowed her to retire at the age of 27, and now she is living out her life’s purpose of helping other people achieve their own financial goals. Despite what it may look like from the outside, Rachel’s journey has not been easy, and in today’s episode she opens up about the mental health struggles that she experienced as a result of burnout, and the strategies she used to shift her mindset and overcome this challenging time of her life. For the last 15 minutes of this episode, Rachel and I do a coaching session where we work through an element of her business that she has been wanting to change but hasn’t known how to. Listen to today’s episode to hear it all! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Where to sign up for the Relentless Growth Mastermind, and why this is something you should do.

– Introducing today’s very accomplished guest, Rachel Richards. 

– Rachel shares one of her favorite Zig Ziglar quotes, and explains how it has helped her overcome her tendency to procrastinate.

– The new career direction that Rachel is now exploring.

– What Rachel believes to be her purpose in life. 

– How Rachel’s approach to finance differs from traditional approaches.

– Rachel explains what motivated her to educate herself about money.

– Mental health issues that Rachel struggled with as a result of burnout, and the valuable lessons she learned during this part of her journey.

– The Miracle Morning; how this practice helped Rachel change her mindset.

– How going to therapy and fostering ‘an attitude of gratitude’ impacted Rachel’s life.

– Why focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing should be your priority.

– Listen in on a brief coaching session with Rachel where we cover a facet of her business that she would like to improve upon.



“I’m an ambitious overachiever, so I’m constantly moving from one goal to the next. Something I’ve been trying to do is slow down and appreciate and enjoy the journey a little bit more.” — @MoneyHoneyRach [0:10:06]

“If I can help people with their finances then in a way I can help them achieve their dreams, and that’s why I do what I do.” — @MoneyHoneyRach [0:11:16]

“In real life, your to-do list is never going to be complete.” — @MoneyHoneyRach [0:22:00]

“I’ve learned to set boundaries, I’ve learned to protect my time, and I’ve learned that no is the most powerful word you can say.” — @MoneyHoneyRach [0:23:02]

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that the more you take care of yourself and nurture your emotional and mental wellbeing, the better you will perform in all areas of your life.” — @MoneyHoneyRach [0:33:56]


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