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There is a difference between simply striving for results and striving for the personal growth necessary to find fulfilling success. Our guest today is no stranger to the journey of self-discovery in the wake of high-performance success. Paige Lawrence Champion competed in the figure skating Olympics in 2014. She has since become a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs and elite athletes, helping her clients optimize their performance and achieve their personal best goals while avoiding burnout. Paige’s Olympic career taught her the mindset required for success, but also demonstrated how the “high-performance at all costs” mentality can cut a rising career short. In this episode, Paige shares her journey from the Olympics to coaching, and fills us in on the valuable lessons she brought into her life after sport, as an entrepreneur. We discuss the shadow of high performance and discover how to shift the focus from results to authentic growth and excellence. Tune in to find out how to achieve high performance in your business, reach bold goals, and feel fulfilled without sacrificing your physical and mental health (or happiness)!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Details about the upcoming Relentless Growth Mastermind.

– Introducing Paige Lawrence Champion.

– Paige’s greatest challenge transitioning from high-performance athletics into coaching. 

– How Paige claimed her authenticity and what she gained from it.

– The lessons she learned from her athletic career that she brought into her life after sport.

– How Paige developed the Olympic mindset.

– How she identified what she truly wanted and redefined the meaning of success.

– The five 10-year goals she has achieved since the 2014 Olympics.

– The shadow of high performance and the importance of celebrating wins.

– Paige’s commitment to helping her clients find fulfilling success in a way that’s anti-burnout.

– What Paige looks for in a coach.

– Paige’s short-term goals on her path to excellence.

– Advice for those caught in the trap of “results-seeking” and burnout.

– The benefits of coaching.

– Paige’s podcast and book recommendations.

– Final words of wisdom for high-performance athletes and entrepreneurs!



“The biggest thing that I had to recognize in that transition . . . moving from athlete to life after sport . . . was really learning how to own my own authenticity.” — @paigehlawrence [0:08:49]

“I am all about helping my clients find fulfilling success in a way that’s anti-burnout. Because I lived that life as an athlete and it was unsustainable and I’ve been committed to creating a better version of success for myself.” — @paigehlawrence [0:27:46]

“I believe that great coaching is when someone sees your potential and coaches you to that standard. They meet you where you’re at but they hold you accountable to your potential.” — @paigehlawrence [0:29:43]


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