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Today we are so happy to welcome Megan Garretson onto the show to speak about how coaching was a catalyst for her exponential professional growth. Megan is a wife, mom of two, and owner of the Young Scholars Academy. She publicly advocates for the recognition of the work that early childhood educators do, has helped raise over 100 million dollars for Louisiana to spend on childcare, and has been a student of Chris’s for over a year now. In our discussion with Megan, we talk about how coaching helped her discover what she wanted to accomplish and then hone in on it with laser-sharp focus. We talk about the value of finding the smallest actions that lead to the biggest results, learning to work on your business rather than in it, and how much of a change you can make if you take the time to reflect on lessons learned before putting those realizations in action! For all this and many other big lessons that Megan learned that helped her get off the CEO hamster wheel, tune in with us today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– An intro to the work Megan Garretson does in early childhood development.

– What makes Megan so passionate about her cause.

– Why Megan is so interested in early childhood learning.

– The legislation Megan wants to change so that childhood educators are more recognized.

– Inner work Megan did to discover what she wanted from life.

– How much Megan benefited from Chris’s coaching when she first started it.

– The changes Megan had to make to stop believing that she knew everything.

– How good Megan is at learning from other people’s mistakes.

– The value of truly listening to what somebody has to say.

– Learning to give yourself time to process what you learned and actually implement new actions.

– Discovering the small thing you can change that has exponential results.

– Working on your business rather than in your business.

– What Megan stopped doing that was holding her back.

– The many lessons Megan learned from her mentor.

– How Megan realized that she could do anything and did not have to lead with fear.

– What resources Megan would recommend for learning.

– Writing down your realizations in the cover of the book you are reading.

– Learning to simply try things and being ready to learn from them.



“I had to really dig in deep to find out what did I want my life to look like.” — Megan Garretson [0:08:45]

“That’s what really dives me, is that little bit of effort that has an exponential outcome.” — Megan Garretson [0:21:20]

“It was that realization that I was working in my business which was crippling me, instead of on my business which is what I am the best at.” — Megan Garretson [0:21:54]

“It all boils down to being laser-focused.” — Megan Garretson [0:31:58]


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