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Today we have the very special opportunity to talk to a couple about each of their individual personal growth journeys, and how this has influenced their relationship and life together! Whitney and Jon Uland are the definition of a power couple, and one of the tenets of that power is their commitment to coaching work and continued growth and learning. They offer a rare, shared perspective, one that is enhanced by each other, and they are a great example of what we offer through our coaching program here at Goodman Coaching, as they have done it all with us! We cover a lot of ground with these two, talking about the roots of their relationship, their paths into coaching, and the forthcoming birth of their first child! Each of our guests are individual business owners and we get the inside scoop from them about how their businesses function and how they bring their particular genius to these projects. A strong theme that emerges in today’s conversation is about letting go of limitations and embracing possibility within the self, messages that we can all do well to be reminded of! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– The low down on our upcoming mastermind and what to expect! 

– How Jon and Whitney met at an IHOP in Utah, and their initial connection.

– A few book and podcast selections from our guests, from kids’ books to spiritual teachings.

– Spending free time on learning and personal growth; the growth-orientated revolution.

– The synergy of Jon and Whitney’s visionary and integrative approaches.

– Charting our guests’ transformations over the past decade, and their most important realizations. 

– Whitney and Jon’s definitions of personal growth; upward spirals, shifting perspectives, and letting go.

– The themes of healing and unlearning, and their central role in growth. 

– Looking to the future with our guests and the increased ease that has them most excited. 

– Managing personal growth and coaching within a relationship.  

– Where to find and connect with Jon and Whitney online.

– Whitney and Jon’s hopes for modeling the ideas of growth and possibility for their baby.



“Personal growth is this hack that is available to everyone, and yet people don’t want to slow down to take the time because they don’t realize it is going to speed up your process exponentially.” — Whitney Uland [0:19:47]

“I think it can be really easy to focus on the bottom line and to focus on the results that you are creating, and sometimes we miss that it’s really about accepting your worthiness.” — Whitney Uland [0:29:19]

“What if I’m worthy of the exact life that I want? What if anything that keeps me up at night, or anything that is upsetting to me, has a solution, and can go from a pain in my side to fucking awesome?” — Whitney Uland [0:34:07]

“The beautiful thing is that failure, if it even does happen, is growth.” — @jonstermash [0:46:41]


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