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We often hear that life is short, and it is probably something most of us take this for granted. Today’s guest, Brad Sea, is here to share his incredible story that will tug at your heartstrings and give you a good, swift kick in the pants to get out there and make the most of every moment. Brad is not only a good friend and inspiration, but he’s also an amazing CEO. We hear about the mind-blowing success he has seen as a mortgage brokerage owner after only one a half years in the game! Brad also bravely shares the cancer diagnosis that changed his life and how his off-the-charts focus helped him tackle his illness. Instead of feeling like the victim, Brad put himself back in the driver’s seat and used this time to turn his life around. It was not all smooth sailing, and we hear about some of the tough times he faced. Life is always going to throw challenges our way, but these moments show us who we are, something Brad knows all too well. Throughout our conversation, Brad reflects on the importance of making your decisions with conviction and pursuing what feels right for you. As the show wraps up, we hear about how coaching helped Brad get out of his own way and onto the path he was destined for, why confidence propelled him to unimaginable heights and his words of wisdom for other driven entrepreneurs. To hear this and more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Hear Brad’s background and some of the incredible stats related to his business.

– 3 July 2008, 7:15 AM — the moment that changed Brad’s life forever.

– What’s Brad’s reaction was when he was told he only had six months to live.

– How Brad’s illness led him to the realization that he could do anything.

– Brad’s advice for those in the ‘ugly’ phase of growth — take each day as it comes.

– Hear about how Brad views time after recovering from his illness.

– How Brad’s motivation shifted from money to be about people’s stories instead.

– Recognize if you have bad programming about money.

– Why learning to put his happiness first was one of the biggest coaching lessons for Brad.

– The results Brad has seen from filling up his own cup.

– The internal dilemma many of us face: Staying ‘safe’ versus following our passions.

– Defining what’s important in a relationship and how this attracts the right people to you.

– Brad’s proactive approach to his day and getting the right start in the morning.

– How gaining confidence changed everything for Brad.

– The biggest shifts Brad has seen from his coaching experience with Chris.

– Final advice for business owners: Do right by the customer every single time.


“My immediate thought was, ‘That wasn’t the end for me.’ Whatever you needed to put me through, put me through it. I’ll be fine.” — Brad Sea [0:08:39]

“Use the time that you have now to almost reinvent yourself and what you’re doing and take a step back and analyze your business and how you move forward.” — Brad Sea [0:12:39]

“In 2018, I made some very, very big life changes and life decisions when I finally started putting myself first.” — Brad Sea [0:25:10]

“Life is really short, so are you reaching for security or are you reaching for comfort?” — Chris Goodman [0:29:50]

“I would not be in the relationship that I am in, I would not probably have the company with my partners that I have if it wasn’t for our coaching. And I mean that in the most sincerest way.” — Brad Sea [0:39:45]

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