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Growing as a human directly translates to growing as a business leader. The more focus you put on self-enhancement, the better results you will see reflected in your business! Today on the Relentless Growth Podcast, we talk about a new wave of leadership, and it starts with curiosity. The old-school leadership style of judgment and punishment is dead and, in this episode, you’ll find out why! By choosing to work on yourself and change your reactions, you will find that you are creating more time, joy, and ultimately, better results. Tune in to discover why our default is judgment, what you can do to bypass it and replace it with curiosity, and how changing yourself will improve the world around you! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Today’s topic: curiosity versus judgment and how it impacts your business.

– What our new Business Breakthrough Coaching consists of and who it’s geared towards!

– The various ways in which we’ve made our coaching more streamlined.

– Some of our group coaching clients’ results and celebrations!

– Why coaching works and the impact it can have on you and the world around you.

– How judgment is a projection and is ultimately self-sabotaging.

– How to bypass judgment and jump into curiosity instead, using two simple sentences!

– The benefits of approaching a situation with curiosity rather than judgment.

– How being curious about someone’s behavior doesn’t equate to excusing it.

– Chris shares his empowering coaching philosophy and likens coaching to parenting.

– The difference between mentoring and coaching.

– We invite you to reach out and share your results!



“Coaching is really about changing yourself and, by extension, improving the world around you.” — Chris Goodman [0:09:31]

“Whatever judgment you are experiencing is really just a mirror back to some kind of critical comment, thought, feeling you have against yourself or people in general.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:04]

“The antidote to judgment is curiosity.” — Chris Goodman [0:13:29]

“It doesn’t serve you to jump straight into judgment. You’re not going to get very far if you go in guns blazing with judgment.” — Chris Goodman [0:16:08]

“Just because you’re getting curious about somebody’s results or behavior, doesn’t mean you’re going to excuse it.” — Chris Goodman [0:16:16]

“The old-school leadership style is dead. The new way that we’re seeing that is way more fun, profitable, culture-building [and] culture-enhancing is curiosity.” — Chris Goodman [0:22:07]

“To release judgment and step into curiosity will create infinitely more joy, more time, and better results.” — Chris Goodman [0:23:09]


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