On today’s show, we are joined by Dr. Keith Waggoner and Tuhon Harley Elmore to discuss the work they are doing through Operation Rescue Children (ORC) to end human trafficking. Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning. For listeners who wish to avoid themes of human trafficking, please skip the audio between [00:00] and [24:00]. Tuhon Harley Elmore is an instructor to the world’s most elite military special forces such as the Navy SEALS. Dr. Keith Waggoner is a martial artist, psychologist, and performance coach who has worked alongside people like Tony Robbins and has coached some of the top business people on the planet. Operation Rescue Children is a non-profit organization that trains teams around the world to identify, intervene, and stop human trafficking. They equip these teams with tools and skills to track, arrest, and prosecute child predators. In today’s conversation, we talk about the severity of modern slavery and the effects that it has on the lives of those locked into it. Dr. Keith and Tuhon Harley speak about how they discovered this scourge and the sense of responsibility they felt to fight it. We speak about the training they deliver through ORC, the need they have for support, and the different ways people can get involved with their cause. Toward the end of this episode, we move onto lighter themes, speaking about the mindset coaching our guests do outside of their work with ORC, their philosophy around personal growth, and the habits of the high-functioning communities they surround themselves with each day.


Key Points From This Episode:

– Introducing the training our guests provide to elite soldiers and businesspeople.

– How Dr. Keith heard about human trafficking and why he decided to fight it.

– Why Dr. Keith got in touch with Tuhon Harley and how they began training anti-trafficking teams.

– The different types of mental and physical training Dr. Keith and Tuhon Harley provide.

– Using threat assessments to determine a spectrum of threats from most to least likely.

– How our guests keep ORC afloat considering the scope of its goals.

– What sex trafficking involves and how profitable it is as an industry.

– The mission of ORC to prepare anti-trafficking teams to do their jobs more effectively.

– Where the sense of responsibility that Dr. Keith and Tuhon Harley feel comes from.

– The role of awareness, abilities, and finances in helping support ORC.

– How our guests are training ‘adaptability intelligence’ in their Principled Savage program.

– The process of finding a supportive community with a growth mindset.

– Mindset lessons that our guests have learned from the elite company they keep.

– How our guests model their behavior to enable them to keep the company they do.

– The ‘kill your clone’ model Tuhon Harley uses to teach incremental progress.

– Falling in love with the process of incremental growth as a way of achieving long-term goals.

– Leadership advice from our guests around facing uncomfortable conversations.

– The types of old men both our guests would like to be one day.

– Challenges and mental obstacles our guests have had to overcome through building ORC.

– How to contact our guests and find ORC online to donate to their cause.



“Each country and each team is going to have its own limitations and so we have to work within those things, develop tactics and training programs and help make them more capable so they can defend themselves in a violent altercation.” — @Harley_Elmore [0:13:26]

“Only about one percent of anybody taken into sex slavery ever makes it out alive.” — @WaggonerKeith [0:20:26]

“Our goal is to train people in tactics to help them go out and do their jobs more effectively and that is to survey and hopefully to intervene in the process of trafficking before it ever occurs.” — @WaggonerKeith [0:22:18]

“I need to make incremental progress to meet long-term goals and so if I measure myself against where I was yesterday that’s the idea.” — @Harley_Elmore [0:53:44]


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