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We are so happy to welcome badass business owner Allie Reeves to the podcast today to talk about how she grew an amazing online coaching business and personal brand from very humble beginnings. Not so long ago, Allie was working as a bartender, but the hard work she put in over the last few years has seen this star rise, and today she hosts the 6 Figure Influencer Podcast and helps many clients reach their own dreams through her coaching. Her focus is on helping female entrepreneurs, where she places special attention on increasing revenue! In our conversation we hear from Allie about her interesting journey, some of the challenges that she has faced and overcome, her approach to life online, and what confidence means to her. We also get the inside scoop on the decisions and actions that took her business to the next level, with Allie sharing some real gems and actionable tips! This episode serves as a great reminder of the importance of mindset, doubling down on your passion, and staying authentic, so be sure to listen in to hear all that Allie has to say!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Allie’s deep connection to helping clients achieve their dream revenue numbers. 
  • Different approaches for clients and how Allies caters to these needs. 
  • Unpacking Allie’s story and her ascent over the last four years. 
  • Reflecting on limiting beliefs and how Allie transcended these. 
  • How self-belief can lead to others believing in you too! 
  • Dealing with difficult situations online; Allie’s best advice for ignoring trolls. 
  • Learning lessons, finding balance, and owning your authentic self.
  • How our language guides our thinking and how harnessing this minimizes limitations. 
  • Loving your reasons and using this as a guide for your business. 
  • Applying coaching and mindset lessons to specific business circumstances. 
  • The future of Allie’s business and her goals for the podcast and new content.
  • Final words of advice from Allie about diving in and following your dreams.



“You have to believe in you first, that has to be there.” — Allie Reeves [0:17:52]

“With more notoriety and visibility, especially online, you have more opportunity for people to fall absolutely head over heels in love with you and what you have to offer. ” — Allie Reeves [0:21:32]

“Why does it have to be either-or? Can it not be both-and?” — Allie Reeves [0:34:30]

“I’m just turning up the volume and just seeing what we can do with a little more oomph in all areas!” — Allie Reeves [0:42:14]


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