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If you are the kind of person who is restless, relentless, and bothered by what is possible, this episode is for you! Today we are privileged to be joined by the man known as the founder whisperer. Adrian is a leadership engagement expert and a senior partner at the executive coaching firm Take New Ground, as well as the co-host for The Naked Leadership Podcast. He coaches executives and entrepreneurs in the art and science of leadership for themselves, their teams, and clients to create new, unprecedented results and experience fulfillment in their work. In this episode, Adrian gives us some insight into his impressive career and explains how he discovered his passion for being a redemptive force in a broken world. He explains how his work in the prison system, and helping prisoners overcome their survivalist mindset through radical self-responsibility led to his coaching. Adrian shares many profound thoughts from his wealth of knowledge on how to be a great leader. To discover the power of radical self-responsibility, learn about the value of being vulnerable in business, realize the importance of having tough conversations, and understand what makes a truly great leader, tune in today! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– The background and impressive career of Adrian Koehler. 

– Adrian’s appreciation for the podcast’s title as a coach for the “restless and relentless” and the benefits of being a person who is bothered by what is possible. 

– How Adrian discovered his passion for being a redemptive force in a broken world. 

– How his work in the prison system led him into coaching.

– The survivalist mindset, how it influenced the prisoners, and how it influences others.

– How Adrian helps people to overcome this survivalist mindset through radical self-responsibility.

– The x-factor that Adrian looks for when choosing which companies to work with.

– How Adrian knows when a leader is great.

– The focus on team engagement and relationships evident in a great leader. 

– Why Adrian believes that we’re all fraudulent and why we need to own our inauthenticity. 

– How everything that happens in life comes out of our perceptions. 

– Why Adrian believes that a willingness to be real is simultaneously what every human being fears and longs for.

– How Adrian is vulnerable with others in order to get them to open up and be real.

– A list of helpful books that Adrian commonly recommends to others.  

– Information about the training course The Revenant Process and who can benefit from it.

– Why his kids don’t say, “Daddy’s got to go to work”, but “Daddy’s got to go coach more leaders.”



“One moment of openness can crack open the rest of your life and out of that comes joy, it comes vitality, it comes energy, comes generosity. All these aspects, they’re actually the type of human being we want to be, we’re just scared to death to aim at them.” — Adrian Koehler [0:20:51]

“People act like the imposter syndrome is a problem, it’s not, it’s called being human.” — Adrian Koehler [0:31:06]

“We’re scared to death to be transparent, but we’re dying to be.” — Adrian Koehler [0:38:19]

“We have a saying at our work, ‘Nobody survives a great conversation, we’re all transformed.’ And that’s what we’re always aiming at.” — Adrian Koehler [0:46:41]


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