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While the festive season is meant to be a time for friends, family, and connection, it often goes hand in hand with stress, high expectations, and an impossibly long to-do list. Many people are spread thin over this period as they wrap up their work commitments, attend a swell of social engagements and prepare to host an influx of family members. With all of these different elements vying for your attention, it can be extremely challenging to be present in the moment. This is especially true for business owners, who often feel the full weight of responsibility for their enterprise, particularly if they haven’t learned to trust their team. While it may seem inconsequential, there is a huge cost to not being present in the moment, depriving you of moments of connection and joy. In this episode, we explore the power of being present, why it requires so much trust, and how to embark on a lifelong journey of learning to live in the present. As we gear up for the holidays, tune in to learn how you can find your way back into the present when things get overwhelming, and why it matters!


Key Points From This Episode:

– This week we talk about being present during the holidays.

– How the human condition prevents us from living in the moment.

– How work emails, texts, and phone calls can distract us from the present moment.

– Why learning to be present is integral to living an outstanding life, both in and outside of work.

– Why the temptation to not live in the present doesn’t dissipate.

– Why it’s important to build a practice to help you live in the moment.

– How the holiday season spreads people too thin and how that affects one’s ability to live in the moment.

– How Chris has learned to live in the present over the past few years.

– Learn about the hidden cost of not being present: it robs you of connection and joy.

– Why being present requires trust, especially if you’re a business owner.

– Trusting your team is an integral part of being more present in your everyday life.

– Why being present means trusting that our friends and our families value our time and attention more than our dollars.

– How to recognize whether you’re trading dollars for time, attention, and presence.

– Why learning to live in the present is a lifelong journey of mastery.

– How deep breathing can bring you back into the present moment.

– How to create an anchor when you’ve lost control and you need to redirect your thoughts.

– Why it’s not the first thought that counts, but the second.

– A reminder that your worth as a human being is not determined by your results.

– How practicing gratitude can help you live in the moment.



“When you’re not present, it costs you something you can’t see, like your joy, your happiness, your sense of fulfillment, your connection with your friends, in your family, or your partner in life. And that sense of connection is so important to us as human beings as social creatures.” — Chris Goodman [0:06:38]

“I want to encourage you to think about it this way. If you were to be present, right where you are all the time, you would have to trust your team, that they have it covered.” — Chris Goodman [0:11:12]

“Being present requires you to have trust that our friends and our families value our time and attention more than our dollars.” — Chris Goodman [0:14:30]


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