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Some people go through extreme experiences that trigger a change inside them, leading them to step out of their comfort zone and into their calling. Finding our life’s purpose is something we all deserve though; it is possible for all of us to do and does not require us to experience something traumatic first. All we have to do is learn to believe in ourselves. When Dr. Justin Moseley had a near-death experience in 2018, this led him to realize that his calling is helping others discover their life’s purpose, and he joins us on the show today to talk about his journey and philosophy. We hear about the crisis our guest endured while kayaking and how this triggered the shift he made from owning a seven-figure business into serving others. We speak about how to replace the critical inner voices we all suffer from with a firm sense of self-belief through reflection and meditation. Our conversation also covers many of the resources that have made the biggest impact on Dr. Moseley throughout his journey of self-development and personal growth. If you want to learn how to make the shift toward living intentionally and doing the thing you were always meant to, this is the episode for you.


Key Points From This Episode:

– The near-death experience that triggered Dr. Moseley’s pivot into mindset coaching.

– Getting out of our comfort zones and following our calling instead.

– The journey Dr. Moseley took to grow his personal and mindset coaching calling.

– How to see the finding of your calling as a matter of life and death.

– Finding out if you are playing too small by evaluating your purpose and passions.

– How Dr. Moseley handled the business side of his new passion for serving others.

– Dr. Moseley’s methods of making an impact through self-belief, speaking, and other events.

– Following your heart’s desire versus a pre-defined, step-by-step method.

– The centrality of self-belief in success and how to find it through meditation.

– Shifting the body from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

– How to get started with meditation by starting small and focusing on breathing.

– Handling conflict with empathy and by learning see things from another’s point of view.

– The process of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and past painful experiences.

– Living life motivated by a central force in the form of a desire to serve.

– Dr. Moseley’s favorite books relating to business and finding your purpose.

– How to get in touch with Dr. Moseley and join his summit.



“I knew I had a calling in my life to make an impact and I knew I needed to exchange my comfort for my calling and so that is my message for everyone.” — @DrJustinMoseley [0:04:36]

“Speaking of near-death experiences, a lot of people are dying a slow death in their life, in their marriages, in their businesses, because they are not being intentional and really looking at what am I called to do.” — @DrJustinMoseley [0:07:21]

“In the practice of meditation, you become aware of your thoughts, so now as I’m going through my day, instead of reacting to things, I am becoming aware of how I am responding to things.” — @DrJustinMoseley [0:32:08]

“When you start believing own yourself more, you’ll start getting better results in your life.” — @DrJustinMoseley [0:44:54]


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