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If you’re having trouble ceding control and delegating tasks, you are not alone. In Chris’ recent group, consisting primarily of CEOs and busy entrepreneurs, 85 percent of them expressed struggling with delegation, citing it as their number one concern that they needed coaching on. Today’s guest, Lindsey Mango, has dealt with this challenge extensively, not only in her own life but also as a high-level coach. There are plenty of reasons for leaders to have a tough time delegating tasks and responsibilities to their teams. These include perfectionism, a fear of failure and not trusting your team to consistently achieve your high standards. While it may be difficult to overcome these obstacles and fears, the payoff can have an immense impact on your life and business. In our conversation, Lindsey breaks down how she learned to trust her team by allowing them to fail and why it’s essential for entrepreneurs to delegate effectively and recognize the importance of rest. She explains how she is able to have a 15-hour workweek without it impacting her bottom line and why this is possible for anyone who is building a business. To learn more about the power of delegation and what you can do to master this essential skill, tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Lindsey shares some exciting personal news.

– Why entrepreneurs need to learn how to delegate.

– How perfectionism can stop individuals from delegating.

– The relationship between perfectionism and feeling worthy in life and business.

– The difference between delegating when you’re working 80 hours a week, versus 15 hours a week.

– Recognizing the importance of time spent on rest and the things that bring you joy.

– Lindsey breaks down where her business is currently in terms of size and income.

– Why Lindsey views delegation and leverage as the same thing.

– Some of the reasons why business owners have trouble ceding control to their employees.

– How Lindsey gives her employees room to fail and her process for evaluating and inspecting work.

– The most important thing Lindsey has delegated and the impact it has had.

– How Lindsey learned to be comfortable trusting that other people would reach her high standard.

– How to build trust with your employees: don’t micromanage, and allow them the opportunity to earn your trust.

– How your relationship with failure impacts your business and how you delegate.

– How Lindsey helps other business owners build the right team with the right people.

– The impact of hiring someone who cares about the outcome as much as you do.

– Lindsey’s advice for anyone struggling to delegate.



“In my mind, it allows you to do a couple of things: focus on what you most love in your business, and what you’re really great at, as well as create leverage so that you have time to spend your personal life doing what you want.” — Lindsey Mango [0:04:16]

“Trying something new is uncomfortable. So your brain would rather spend time doing the thing that feels most certain. And that you have control over instead of having to go out and do those riskier things.” — Lindsey Mango [0:15:39]

“Part of what builds trust is giving them the rope and giving them the freedom that they might fail and being okay with that. And knowing that you can recover from that.” — Lindsey Mango [0:23:40]

“It all starts with you and your ability to trust yourself and fail and be okay with it and bounce back. And that will go forward in every relationship and person that you hire.” — Lindsey Mango [0:24:46]


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