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Limiting beliefs are the unacknowledged drivers of your life. As any coach will tell you, the first step on the road to growth is to draw out those shadowy saboteurs so we can see what’s holding you back! Once you see it clearly in front of you, you can deal (and heal) all that’s keeping you from the ultimate life and business that you want and deserve.  With this in mind, today’s installment of Relentless Growth is something a little different: this episode is all about you! Today the listener gets an actionable introduction to our one-on-one coaching sessions. You’ll discover how to challenge and draw out those pesky limiting beliefs so that you can start moving through them in an intentional and self-actualizing way. Host Chris Goodman artfully navigates us through the tricky terrain of conditioned views that are dictating your life, with topics around money, time, and your business’s profitability. Through some simple journaling questions, Chris brings out what’s hiding in plain sight in your mind, and the answers may surprise you. Everybody has a growth edge when it comes to something – today is the day to find yours. So grab a notebook and pen, get comfortable, and tune in!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Grab a notebook and a pen, this episode is all about YOU. 

– We dive straight in, beginning with questions on any limiting beliefs about money.

– How your beliefs around time control your working hours, and ultimately your life. 

– Guiding us to see how any part of our life will only grow to the extent that we do. 

– Business: can you challenge your thoughts about your profitability limit?

– How you can apply this questioning technique to all areas of your life.

– Being curious about why you can’t have the life you want.

– Opening new pathways of thought so you can see further than you’re used to seeing.

– Coaching like this helps you believe more than you’re used to believing.

– It’s only once you can see your limiting beliefs clearly that you can move past them.

– Even if circumstances change, you’ll carry through old limiting beliefs unless you do the work to change them.

– How the full coaching sessions show you how to move through your blocks intentionally.



“Everybody has a growth edge when it comes to something.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:02]

“The people who do the work, get the results.” — Chris Goodman [0:07:06]

“You could apply this [journaling technique] to things like your health, your romance, your personal growth even. And I would encourage you to do this: take a few minutes and write down why you can’t have what you want.” — Chris Goodman [0:15:22]

“It’s about growing what you think is available to you. Coaches like me help you see further than what you’re used to seeing and believing more than you’re used to believing.” — Chris Goodman [0:15:41] 


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