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It’s easy to get comfortable in a 9 to 5 job that pays the bills and has minimal risks, but if you’re in a position where you’re living entirely inside your comfort zone, you need to ask yourself if you are truly fulfilled. For Keri Ford, the answer was no. A little less than 3 years ago, Keri took a massive leap of faith and left her 6 figure job in real estate to found her coaching company, Elevate With Keri. Today, Keri works alongside some of the world’s most visionary people to nurture and expand their potential in order to make the world a better place. In today’s episode, Keri shares what led her to the point where she was able to trust her intuition, work through her limiting beliefs, and follow her heart-centered mission. Not all transformations are pleasant, but as you’ll hear from Keri today, our most difficult experiences often end up being our most beautiful ones, we just have to be open to taking the next step! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– An introduction to today’s guest, Keri Ford, founder of Elevate With Keri. 

– Keri shares what drove her to leave her 6 figure job. 

– How Keri learned to trust her intuition, and why this is so important. 

– Why so many people get stuck in a victim state. 

– What motivated Keri to do the work that she does. 

– Keri’s favorite part about coaching visionaries. 

– Why Keri believes in high level investments. 

– Learnings that helped Keri rid herself of her limiting beliefs. 

– When a “burn the ships” mentality is required, and when it is not. 

– How Keri manages fear of failure. 

– Limiting beliefs that Keri holds at her level of success. 

– Advice from Keri about finding the right partner.

– Keri shares what she wants her next level of growth to look like. 



“There comes a point where you’re actually actively choosing suffering by prolonging your soul’s path, because you’re not fulfilled.” — Keri Ford [0:04:45]

“Our body is the compass to everything.” — Keri Ford [0:06:16]

“The experiences in my life that were the most painful, were also the most beautiful. They offered me opportunity for rebirth and transformation from places within me that I didn’t know existed.” — Keri Ford [0:08:55]

“When you learn to listen, and you take the leap, and you realize that there is magic and miracles and abundance on the other side, you do it faster every time.” — Keri Ford [0:23:51]


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