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Everybody has a gap between where they are and where they want to be in one or more aspects of their life. Maybe yours is to lose weight, find a partner, improve your health, or triple your bottom line. Whatever it is, understanding it is the first step in achieving it, but most people who haven’t experienced some form of coaching don’t know what their gap is, let alone how to work towards it. Today’s episode is for anyone who wants to close their gap, or any leaders who want to help members of their team close theirs. Being a good leader is synonymous with being a good coach, and the results you’ll see from slowing down and meaningfully engaging with your team about their goals and aspirations, will do wonders for you all as individuals and for your business! 


Key Points From This Episode:

– Some special thanks and celebration announcements. 

– What it means to coach someone to the gap.

– Encouragement to figure out where your gaps are. 

– The life wheel; a way to identify your “point A.” 

– Why you should be asking your team about their biggest life goals. 

– The value that lies in thinking big! 

– An inspiring book about coaching a team. 

– To be a good leader, you need to be a good coach.

– Examples of what good coaching looks like. 



“Most people who have never experienced coaching don’t even know what their gap is.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:07]

“When we coach somebody to the gap we’re helping them make consistent progress.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:51]

“Taking the time to slow down and get to know your team at a goal level is going to do wonders to help them figure out their long term vision and your long term vision and seeing if they are in alignment.” — Chris Goodman [0:09:29]

“The best leaders that I have ever known work in some capacity as a coach for their time.” — Chris Goodman [0:14:57]


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