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Welcome back to Relentless Growth! Here today to share his knowledge is Jesse Garcia, a friend, founder of Zipi, and an entrepreneur with proven results. Join us as we discuss more than just real estate, diving into Jesse’s passion for technology, fitness, family, and entrepreneurship. You’ll hear the story of how Chris met Jesse, and how Jesse left his job in law enforcement to enter the world of real estate before co-founding Zipi, the next generation real estate management system in 2017. We talk about the book he read that changed everything for him, the advice that Jesse got that changed his world, and how his wife’s belief in him enabled him to take the risks needed to do great things, with no safety net. He shares about various relationships that have enriched his journey, why he believes a great CEO puts the team before the client, and educates us on what Zipi does. Jesse has chosen not to go the per user route in terms of charging, and on this episode he tells us why, along with sharing his lead generation tactics, which are all based on building relationships. Tune in for a host of great book recommendations, some powerful thoughts on failure and self-belief, and a story that will leave you feeling motivated today.


Key Points From This Episode:

– The story of how Chris met Jesse while they were both working in real estate.

– An introduction to Jesse, and his background in real estate after working in law enforcement.

– How he co-founded Zipi, the next generation real estate management system, in 2017.

– Why reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed everything for him.

– The advice that Jesse got that changed his world: you can’t half ass two careers. Pick one.

– How his wife’s belief in him enabled him to take the risks needed to do great things.

– What led him not to have a safety net so that he absolutely had to succeed.

– Why having a supportive wife gave him the confidence he needed despite other people’s doubt. 

– His belief that keeping his head down and working hard would be successful.

– The coach Jesse hired that pushed him to go door-knocking and stop overthinking.

– What he does really well: jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down.

– How being naive and not knowing anything allowed him to thrive as a leader. 

– The best part of the TL role for him: teaching agents to not just make money, but to keep it.

– How he met Tyler Smith, CEO of SkySlope, and the influence he had over Jesse’s life.

– The frequency of broker errors on commission and how rare it is that agents notice this.

– How managing his own money and putting aside a percentage for tax has benefitted him.

– Standing on the shoulders of giants as a powerful tool to upskill and improve yourself.

– The rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and how being CEO allows you to reach your potential.

– Why he believes that a great CEO puts their team before the client.

– What it means to be a leader and how everyone has the opportunity to act as one.

– Self-awareness as the key to hiring a team that balances you out and helps you run things.

– Why he fears that although it is a strong market at the moment, many agents may not last.

– What Zipi does: creates an open ecosystem, streamlines commission, and more.

– Why Jesse didn’t choose a per user structure, but charges based on results.

– His lead generation tactics which are relationship-based.

– Book recommendations on leadership: Five Levels of Leadership, Fearless Conversations.

– Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, and do it fast when you do, in order to learn from it.

– How sometimes you have to borrow from the belief others have in you to move forwards.



“The mindset shift for me was, I was a sponge, I wanted to learn everything I could about real estate investing, mindset, personal growth, and this was not me at all, I was content, I was happy getting a paycheck and then something just snapped and I was like, ‘I’m not happy.’” — @JesseJGarcia [00:06:16]

“The one piece of advice she gave me that changed my world was, I would love for you to be on my team, but you can’t half-ass two careers. Pick one.” — @JesseJGarcia [00:09:06]

“I didn’t want an excuse where if I failed, I had an easy way to go back. It had to be painful enough for me to have to go crawling back and start from the beginning.” — @JesseJGarcia [00:10:02]

“Don’t be afraid to fail, and if you’re going to fail, fail fast and learn from it. You want everything perfect before you take action? You’re never going to take action. Go out, take action, believe in yourself.” — @JesseJGarcia [01:03:33]

“Sometimes you need to borrow the belief others have in you just to get you on the way.” — @JesseJGarcia [01:03:38]


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