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More of us have money fears than we realize, and we probably think that if we had more money, we would not be as fearful. This is far from true. It is all about how you frame money and the meaning that it has to you. If money represents stress or lack, then it will always be a pain point for you. On the other hand, if you see money as an abundance and something you can get with ease, you won’t have money fears, no matter how much you have. These profound insights are just some of the golden nuggets today’s guest, Shannon Weinstein shares with us. Shannon is not your average CPA; she is a teacher at heart, which is why she works as a coach and mentor for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses online. She is the owner of Fitnancial Solutions, a completely digital accounting practice offering end-to-end accounting and tax services. In today’s episode, we hear talk about the importance of seeing the bigger picture both when it comes to finances and life generally. So often, when we are in the weeds, we don’t realize so much we are missing. We talk about money fears and the importance of getting to the root of them. More money is simply a Band-Aid; you need to dig deeper. Our conversation also touches on what successful entrepreneurs do differently from the rest, what Shannon’s clients are investing in, and the importance of enjoying your money. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know today’s guest, Shannon Weinstein, and her unique journey as a CPA. 

– The impact that having a parent who was an accountant had on Shannon. 

– How Shannon got onto the entrepreneurial path. 

– The steps you need to take to work out how much you need to leave your job. 

– Why entrepreneurs need to think about more than just a revenue goal. 

– The need to move past placing your value on one metric. 

– How entrepreneurs and business owners can keep their eye on the prize financially. 

– Why Shannon doesn’t like using the word budget and what she uses instead. 

– Common fears Shannon sees among all of her clients. 

– How Shannon unearths her clients’ fears around money. 

– The way Shannon quells her clients’ fears. 

– A question Shannon frequently asks her clients and the range of responses she gets. 

– So often, entrepreneurs don’t take time to celebrate how far they have come. 

– Details about Shannon’s accomplishment journal. 

– The major difference with how Shannon’s wealthy clients view money from the rest. 

– Entrepreneurs who are willing to explore their feelings around money are those who break the cycle. 

– How Shannon’s successful clients invest in their growth. 

– Habits Shannon’s big clients have that she wishes all of her clients had. 

– The importance of working on your mindset when improving your money habits. 

– Pattens Shannon is seeing with how her clients are spending their money. 

– How you spend your time gives great insights into your values. 

– Some books Shannon recommends. 

– Final advice from Shannon for those who want to thrive.



“I actually decided to jump ship and go and start my own practice inspired by the feeling of wanting to coach others and serve in that role, kind of doing what my dad did for me but for business owners.” — @fitnancialcpa [0:07:16]

“Financial fear is not cured by more money.” — @fitnancialcpa [0:18:28]

“Happiness isn’t ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. Happiness is knowing you can without blinking an eye.” — @fitnancialcpa [0:47:04]

“Your values shine through how you spend your time and how you spend your money.” — @fitnancialcpa [0:58:50]


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