If you have learned the skill of coaching, you have clients, and you have a handle on running your business, but you’re feeling underprepared for the actual day-to-day reality of coaching or scaling your business, this is the episode for you! Today’s guest on the Relentless Growth Podcast is the coach’s coach, Lindsay Dotzlaf, an incredible life coach who works with coaches on being the absolute best coach for their clients. As a Life Coach School certified coach, Lindsay helps her clients create excellence through her own Coaching Masters Mastermind and her podcast, Mastering Coaching Skills. She believes that it’s not your funnel, your website, your lead generation model, or your network that is the most important asset of your coaching business; it’s your coaching skills, because it’s these skills that create a level of confidence that makes every part of your business more fun and more productive. In today’s episode, Lindsay shares some tips and practical advice for distinguishing perception from reality, understanding that your thoughts create your circumstances, and taking ownership of your emotions. We also dive into what holds business owners back from seeing great results and how to guarantee your ROI on coaching as you build your business, as well as the differences and similarities between coaches and therapists, how you can coach anyone on anything, plus so much more! Make sure to tune in today for a fascinating and insightful conversation with the coach’s coach, Lindsay Dotzlaf.


Key Points From This Episode:

– How you know when you have mastered the skill of coaching; you don’t overthink it.

– Why Lindsay believes that the coaches she works with ask, “Am I doing it right?”

– Lindsay offers a glimpse into how she grew her coaching skill and built a six-figure business.

– Perception versus reality; why comparison won’t help you scale your business.

– The importance of embracing fear and pursuing relentless growth as an entrepreneur.

– Why it’s your mindset that is the real key to the success of your coaching business.

– Lindsay shares an analogy to illustrate how your thoughts create your circumstances.

– Understanding how to create awareness and rethink your limiting beliefs of yourself.

– How to take action, but first be mindful of which thoughts drive or influence that action.

– Determining when someone is ‘coachable’, starting with the desire to move forward.

– The number one thing that holds business owners back from great results: simplicity.

– Lindsay highlights the value of asking yourself: what if this isn’t a problem?

– How to experience anger, recognize it as a secondary emotion, and find the lesson in it.

– Lindsay’s advice for taking ownership of your emotions; asking is it true, kind, or helpful?

– She reflects on the role that ‘finding your niche’ plays in building a successful business.

– How having a coach on your side can offer relief from the difficulties of building a business.

– What Lindsay believes holds people back from hiring a coach: the investment.

– How to guarantee your ROI for coaching by being willing to get what you came for.

– Why Lindsay encourages listeners to ask questions of their coaches.

– Lindsay responds to the perception that coaching is a multilevel marketing scam.

– The value of getting curious if you hold the belief that you are ‘not ready’ for coaching.

– Hear about some of the differences and similarities between coaches and therapists.

– Why Lindsay believes you can coach anyone on anything if you truly believe that your thoughts create your results.

– Recommended books from Lindsay, including The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler.

– Lindsay and Chris discuss the pros and cons of different personality assessments.

– Lindsay shares more of her suggested books by Greg Mckeown, Malcom Gladwell, Brené Brown, plus a whole lot more!

– Why Lindsay wants to be known as the coach that brings excellence into coaching.



“When you have mastered a skill, it’s like riding a bike. How do you know that you’re good at riding a bike? Because you can just ride it without thinking about it. I think coaching is the same.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:04:33]

“You’re going to take action, but first, let’s figure out which thoughts are driving the action, which thoughts are influencing the action.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:19:33]

“No matter what your business is, simplicity is key.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:23:04]

“You can google how to build a business. You can probably follow the directions and, if you can stay with it long enough, it might work over time, but what is really helpful is to have a coach on your side.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:40:52]

“My brain is the most important piece of this business. It is the asset of the business, and a coach is who supports that.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:42:31]

“As a coach, if you really believe your thoughts create your results, you can coach anyone on anything.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [0:52:30]

“I want to be known as the coach that brings excellence into coaching. When I say excellence, I do not mean perfection. To me, it’s the opposite.” — Lindsay Dotzlaf [1:08:08]


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