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If you feel like life is happening to you instead of for you, it might be that you are not taking personal responsibility. When we continually blame our external circumstances for how we feel internally, we become disempowered. So, how do you get back in the driver’s seat of our lives? By taking personal responsibility! Today’s guest, Lindsey Mango, is the poster child for personal responsibility, and in this episode, we hear about taking charge of your life. Of course, there are so many things that are out of your control, and personal responsibility is not about trying to control everything. Instead, it is about understanding how you respond to things, the stories you create in your head, and the role you play in shaping your life. Lindsey offers insights into the different things that have to be in place in order to take responsibility for things, the importance of wanting to be proven wrong, and what the payoff is when you no longer play the victim. We end off the conversation by asking Lindsey some listener questions. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– The story of how Lindsey got into coaching.

– A look into the scale of the business Lindsey has managed to build.

– How Lindsey came to have such a high level of personal responsibility.

– An example of how Lindsey’s father taught her about personal responsibility.

– Defining what personal responsibility is.

– Some of the signs that you are not taking personal responsibility in your life.

– Challenges that Lindsey has seen her clients face when it comes to taking personal responsibility.

– The phases Lindsey believes people go through before they take full responsibility in their lives.

– The importance of feeling what you feel when something difficult happens.

– You have to want to be wrong if you are going to take personal responsibility.

– A story of how Lindsey has overcome a recent limiting belief.

– Responsibility is not an end destination; it’s a continuous journey.

– A sign that shows you that you are taking a lot of personal responsibility.

– The payoff that comes with taking personal responsibility.

– How to get back to a place of passion and connection with your partner.

– What Lindsey does to continually raise the bar despite achieving so much.

– Evaluating why you want your partner to change.

– Who Lindsey would choose to coach if she could choose any clients in the world.

– What’s next for Lindsey.


“It really blows my mind what I’ve been able to do with coaching.” — Lindsey Mango [0:05:53]

“Personal responsibility doesn’t mean that you have control over life circumstances; there are things that are outside your control. But it’s about controlling and taking responsibility for your part and the role you play in the results you create in your life.” — Lindsey Mango [0:14:52]

“With any personal responsibility or any situation where you want to be more responsible, you have to want to be wrong.” — Lindsey Mango [0:24:13]


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