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Being put in a box is not something you can do to today’s guest, Tiffany Alexy. Tiffany is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about real estate and building businesses. Yet, she cannot be pigeonholed as simply being a realtor. She is an author, a relentless growth seeker, and has been featured in a range of publications. Tiffany holds a Bachelor’s Degree from UNC Chapel Hill and a Master’s in Global Innovation Management from NC State University. In this episode, Tiffany shares how she got started in her real estate investing career at such a young age. As someone who was not content to let life pass her by, Tiffany knows the importance of making everything one does count. We hear how she came to work with Chris, why she does not see paying for coaching as a risk, and how having an abundance mindset can help you understand what you are investing in. Many of us hold the limiting belief that we cannot afford coaching, but deep down, we know this is not the real reason. We would make a plan if we wanted to, and that’s exactly what Tiffany did. Thanks to this decision, she is now working less but making more than ever. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • How being an empath helps Tiffany in business. 
  • The story of how Tiffany got started as a real estate investor. 
  • What Tiffany does to take care of herself as someone who is so busy. 
  • Comparing what Tiffany made last year with what she has made this year. 
  • Why, even though Tiffany is working less this year, she’s making more than ever. 
  • What drew Tiffany to get a life and business coach. 
  • How Tiffany has cultivated an abundance mindset and the way this frames her thinking. 
  • Why Tiffany does not believe there’s anything wrong with being motivated by money. 
  • Some of the things that motivate Tiffany. 
  • How Tiffany built such an incredible team for her realty company. 
  • The relationship Tiffany has with her broker-in-charge, who was initially her assistant. 
  • What Tiffany does to establish boundaries with her clients. 
  • Why Tiffany does not buy any leads despite being in such a hot market. 
  • Tiffany’s advice for those who struggle to find leads. 
  • The value of scaling sustainably rather than doing it too quickly. 
  • Why Tiffany does not see herself retiring. 
  • How being present and more mindful has helped Tiffany in all aspects of her life. 
  • One of Tiffany’s favorite books and how it has impacted her life. 
  • Where Tiffany sees her brand going in the next ten years. 
  • How Tiffany views having a reserve fund, both in business and professionally. 
  • Why Tiffany believes that not taking a risk is the biggest risk. 
  • Some of the books Tiffany is reading currently.



“I’ve really learned to listen to my intuition.” — Tiffany Alexy [0:15:50]

“Going into something, looking at it as an investment versus an expense. For the most part, if you are investing in something that’s going to make you better, then, by all means, look at it as an investment, not necessarily as an expense that’s not going to help you in any way.” — Tiffany Alexy [0:17:26]

“I feel like it’s all about energy. If somebody doesn’t want to work with me, I’m not going to force them to work with me.” — Tiffany Alexy [0:29:39]

“Just lean into who you are and people will naturally gravitate towards you.” — Tiffany Alexy [0:32:03]

“I embrace things that make me weird and make me quirky because that’s how others relate to you and what makes you you.” — Tiffany Alexy [0:52:08]


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