If you have ever experienced imposter syndrome, you will be familiar with the added layer of judgment that comes when you are hard on yourself for feeling like a fraud. But what if we reframed this feeling and became curious, understanding that feeling like an impostor is just an affirmation that you are figuring things out? Today’s guest, James Patrick, has felt like a fake at many points in his life, yet this has never stopped him from trying. This unwillingness to let doubt get the better of him has meant that he is now an award-winning marketer and photographer, bestselling author, presenter, founder, and soon-to-be-dad. In this episode, James talks about imposter syndrome and why failure, despite its inevitability, should not hold us back. We talk about the value of specialization, particularly in the increasingly saturated world of coaching. As a photographer, James knows what it is like to work in a sector where there is more supply than demand, and understands that there are still ways to stand out and thrive. Our wide-ranging conversation also touches on ways to differentiate yourself, how business leaders can pivot, and what makes a great coach. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know today’s guest, James Patrick, and the numerous accolades he holds.  

– How and when Chris and James met. 

– What James learned about saying yes to opportunities. 

– The false belief that many of us hold about our capabilities. 

– Why James believes that imposter syndrome is a good thing; we just need to reframe it. 

– Failure is inevitable, but it is usually never as bad as we think it will be. 

– Different ways James breaks through being stuck in a rut. 

– Where the belief that we should always be going a thousand miles an hour comes from. 

– The value that comes with repetition throughout your life. 

– James’s advice for coaches and how they can meet discerning consumer demands. 

– Why James believes that specialization will be the saving grace of coaching. 

– Specialization will ultimately help you make more money. 

– How a scarcity mindset holds people back from niching down. 

– Insights into how James decided to specialize in sports and fitness. 

– James’s advice on how to drill down on your area of expertise. 

– How business leaders can approach making changes in their business. 

– Advice James got from a mentor early on in his career. 

– Vision, purpose, and legacy: the three zones James believes business leaders should focus on. 

– What James would write in a letter to his future self. 

– Why James is writing his soon-to-be-born child a book and what he’s included in it. 

– Some of the traits that make a great coach, according to James. 

– How James came to learn about omnipotent marketing. 

– Where you can find James online.



“We have this misinterpretation that if we try to do something that we don’t have experience with or that it’s new to us or alien to us, that we are an imposter.” — James Patrick [0:08:08]

“We’re about to see this shift and consumers are going to demand something different. And coaches need to have their head on a swivel and need to be paying close attention to what people are telling them when it comes to coaching services” — James Patrick [0:33:22]

“Are you chasing everyone or are you chasing the right one?” — James Patrick [0:38:03]

“A great coach balances between seeing the potential of what you could be, challenging you to reach that potential, but never doing the work for you.” — James Patrick [0:57:35]


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