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Most of us probably have negative associations with the idea of conflict. Today’s show flips this belief of its head and offers a new understanding of discord. Joining from the podcast closet once again, is Chris’s partner in conflict, Lindsey Mango, who just so happens to be an incredible coach as well. In this episode, Lindsey talks about how her understanding of conflict has changed over time. For so long, getting into disagreements would transport her back to being a child getting into trouble. By viewing arguments in this way, Lindsey realized that she was not speaking her truth and using her own voice. Understanding that conflict is an opportunity means that Lindsey now realizes that butting heads simply allows for expansion. We also discuss the role of complete responsibility in conflict, and life generally, and how reflecting on the energy and thinking you bring to the table is essentially a hidden superpower. Through total ownership, you are far less affected by the extremes life hands you, and you can take things in your stride. Ending the show, Lindsey gives us some key questions to ponder when we find ourselves in a conflictual situation. To hear this and much more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

– Hear why having an argument or disagreement is not a problem.

– Lindsey’s previous response to conflict and how this has evolved over time.

– The importance of strengthening your own voice, so you can speak up in a relationship.

– Why Lindsey values other people’s perspectives and opinions more than before.

– Take complete responsibility for your thoughts and actions; you own them all!

– Lindsey’s understanding of personal responsibility and its application to her and Chris’s disagreement.

– Boundaries are there to protect us from getting to our boiling points.

– Taking ownership does not always happen in real-time, so take time to reflect.

– Actionable steps on moving through conflict when it pops up.

– There is always an opportunity for a win-win outcome.


“Arguments are opportunities. Arguments are opportunities to grow in your relationship.” — @lindseymango_ [0:03:29]

“Conflict is a necessary condition of growth.” — Chris Goodman [0:03:58]

“To me, personal responsibility is about realizing that you are in control or that you get to decide what happens.” — @lindseymango_ [0:10:38]

“Responsibility, to me, is about seeing how you’re contributing to every single result you’re getting in your life, the ones that you like and the ones that you don’t like.” — @lindseymango_ [0:11:34]

“Conflict isn’t bad. Not having the courage to address it is probably something I would look at.” — Chris Goodman [0:19:39]

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