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Can you believe that this is the one-year anniversary of Relentless Growth? We are so grateful that you have been with us on this learning journey, and we are just getting started. To celebrate, in this episode, Chris shares some of the major lessons about personal growth, business growth, and the intersection of those two things. From cultivating a practice of gratitude to listening more than you to speak to finding freedom in your mind, there is not a shortage of valuable lessons for you to soak up in this episode. Some of the most successful people in the world are committed to continued growth, and a part of this is taking stock of what they have learned, reflecting on it, and incorporating that new information into their lives. If this is you, you will benefit greatly from the 14 lessons Chris has learned over the past year.  


Key Points From This Episode:

– How Chris is doubling down on his personal and business growth this year.

– Gratitude is truly magical, so it is important to cultivate that feeling consistently.

– Fail forward because you will never grow if you just stay comfortable.

– We should listen twice as much as we speak.

– You could always be one thought away from attracting what you desire most.

– You are only three to five years away from what you want.

– Get permission for the hard thing you want to do.

– Take the trip you have been wanting to go on!

– Pursue goals that you are willing to commit to for five years

– The first thought is not the one that counts; the second one is what matters.

– Leaders are those who show up when it is uncomfortable.

– Freedom, first and foremost, starts in your mind.

– We can learn a lot when we observe our own sense of humor.

– Those who are most successful are committed to continuous growth.

– The world needs you gift, so share it like it is expiring soon (because it is!).


“Gratitude is king or queen.” — Chris Goodman [0:03:08]

“The things that you are pursuing that are most important to you right now, will you still want to chase them in five years?” — Chris Goodman [0:16:21]

“Real freedom starts in your mind.” — Chris Goodman [0:20:09]

“The deeper we are willing to grow and the more we are willing to take action, the better life gets.” — Chris Goodman [0:25:40]


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