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For many people, spending $250, 000 on personal growth after they have been let go from the company that they built sounds unthinkable. But for Jake Kauffman, it is what changed his life. After finding himself at rock bottom, rather than staying there, Jake knew that he needed to claw his way out. He looked down the barrel of his fears, did an enormous amount of work, and realized he needed to help others. Jake is now a high-performance coach and a business mentor, and over the last two and a half years, has helped his clients increase their businesses by $15 million. In today’s episode, Jake shares more about his incredible personal growth journey and gives us a look at some of the hard yards he has put in. As someone who has dedicated themselves to learning, Jake knows that growth does not have an end destination and that the higher we climb, the more internal work we will have to do. We also talk about limiting beliefs, the value of investing in yourself, and why we need to let go of our egoic approach to business if we are to succeed. Change starts with a decision and by deciding to tune in to this episode, you will certainly be inspired!


Key Points From This Episode:

– Get to know today’s guest, Jake Kauffman. 

– Jake’s journey and how got to where he is today. 

– Hear about Jake’s rock bottom, his six-month grieving process, and what he learned from this. 

– The details of Jake’s book and why he decided to write one. 

– Our personality is not who we are; it is who we choose to represent ourselves as. 

– The three lies entrepreneurs commonly hide behind, according to Jake. 

– Why Jake decided to do inner work when he was let go from his company. 

– Jake’s decision to spend $250, 000 on personal growth. 

– How Jake overcame the voice in his head and his limiting beliefs when it came to investing in his personal growth. 

– If you want something badly enough, you will make it happen, no matter what. 

– Our personal growth never stops; you just keep digging deeper and deeper. 

– Rapid business transformation is not going to come from investing in your business systems only. 

– By only addressing behaviors, you are not going to see any kind of sustained change. 

– What internal locus of control is and how it applies to us. 

– People are so often out of alignment in one area of life. 

– The egoic approach to chasing success will always push you to do more. 

– Jake shares one of his client’s success stories. 

– Coaches are not therapists, and this is an important distinction to make. 

– What helps Jake continually move forward in his business. 

– What Jake wishes everyone knew about personal growth. 

– The immersive experiences that Jake is offering.



“Self-sabotage is really just self-protection. It’s a self-protection mechanism that our ego uses to prevent us from experiencing discomfort, pain, or being hurt.” — Jake Kauffman [0:13:28]

“Ultimately, the way that we think is an outcome. It’s an outcome and a byproduct of a belief system and our identity.” — Jake Kauffman [0:16:34]

“What good is success if you’re not happy, if you’re not fulfilled?” — Jake Kauffman [0:49:13]

“I truly believe that stress is the tension we experience between who we actually are and who we think we need to be in order to experience success or receive love and acceptance.” — Jake Kauffman [0:49:29]

“You’re ready when you say you are.” — Jake Kauffman [0:54:06]


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