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If you own a business and you are working too much, working too hard, or spending a lot of time away from the people and things you love, then it is time you start using leverage. But what exactly is leverage? Leverage helps you get more done with less effort, and it is also the third and final freedom foundation from Chris’s 24 Hours to Freedom Mastermind. In today’s episode, you will hear more about leverage, how to use it, and why you need it. We also find out how and what you will learn about this pillar during the mastermind. Discover how to leverage people, tools, and money; Chris leaves no stone unturned. Tune in today to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

– A special thank you to our friends in Australia. 

A recap of the details of Chris’s mastermind, 24 Hours to Freedom. 

What the other two freedom foundations, discussed in previous episodes, are. 

– The best way to sum up what leverage is. 

– Some of the most common problems Chris has seen business owners facing when it comes to leverage. 

– Four tell-tale signs to determine whether you have a leverage problem in your process. 

– How leverage will be addressed in the mastermind.  

Why your business should have predictable inputs and outputs 

– What you will learn about leveraging people, tools, money, and real estate investing. 

– The application to the mastermind is the first lever you can use to make your life easier.



“Leverage helps you get more done with less effort.” — Chris Goodman [0:04:52]

“Most business owners have not mastered the people component of leverage, and it’s the most important.” — Chris Goodman [0:09:38]

“Why not do the one thing right now that will make everything else easier and get a lever?” — Chris Goodman [0:18:57]


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